Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Got It!

I know it's only January 2010 but sometimes things like this(you'll understand when I write more) can't just be made over night. I spent countless weeks thinking over it.

"Okay. I'm gonna take Psychology for my college course."

At first, I felt great cause I thought I knew what I wanted to take. But then, sooner or later, I felt confused - do I want to become a psychologist? I know the payment is REALLY good but am I going to love it as much as I love writing?

Medic school fee is sooooo expensive & I have to spent 12 YEARS + to complete as psychology. Plus, I'm not a Science person. I don't want to take Bio, Physics, Chemistry in college. No...then, I realized where my passion laid all along: writing.

I've decided to take English Literature with Creative Writing. That way I can land a job in magazines, professional writer, etc.

I've thought about it til now and I feel quite happy bout it. 'Quite' because I doubt I will be able to further my studies overseas ;(( I plan to do my A-levels here, save some money - hopefully I will have enough $$$ to study aboard.

ARGH. I need a grade A for English Literature to study the course I want. So I better bury myself in Shakespeare's books then. Hmmm...but I can also take up to 3 subjects for A-levels. Oh well, still have time to think bout it:D

Just wanted to update to all of you(: Okay, back to studies!


Disguise said...

Congratulations! :)
You finally decided! YAY :D

The Old Silly said...

Go for it. You'll ace it with flying colors.

Marvin D Wilson

Azimah said...

(; i thought you have already choose this instead of psychology.

Joaaanna said...

Don't worry QM. You've got a bright future ahead ♥

QM said...

Thank you, everyone :DD

Thousif Raza said...

both are my fav subjects, but you would do great if you picked up of luck for everything that has to come in your life