Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know I promised to write on 31st December but I totally forgot and was so busy replying all the sms-es, LOL.

Anyway, I'm going to write out all my 2010's resolutions in this post as I said earlier on. I'm pretty sleepy now after staying awake for the New Year's - arhh, just watching TV. Hahahahhh. What are my resolutions?? I would back away from writing it but I made a promise :/

Gimme a moment to think...(God, I'm sleepy)

QM's 2010's Resolutions - I pray that whatever that is on this post will come true, not by a falling wishing star but by my determination & hard work(:

1. Control my temper & be more tolerant (I doubt that)
2. Study hard & smart according to timetable
3. How do I study SMART?
4. Study HARD? Like 3 hours a day 8| (Let's hope I won't cheat on my stopwatch)
5. Cut down on the usage of online (Facebook & Blog :P)
6. Exercise more (By that, I meant attending my Taekwando classes on Saturday)
7. Catch up with all my studies...Facebook, I have a REAL LIFE here!!
8. God help me with my Add Maths & Physics...Chemistry needs help too
9. Start writing my story :D I have found what I want to write!
10. Don't think so much about graduation...I still have my SPM to take!
11. Focus at one at a time, the important ones first, followed by what I want :)
12. Watch the FIFA World Cup!!
13. Visit the Universal Studio in Singapore :)
14. Get 10 A+ (what the hell man) for SPM
15. Scholarship??? ;(((
16. Form 5 - SENIOR is not to have fun
17. Avoid the unnecessary stuff
18. Smile & Laugh more!
19. I want a new wardrobe make over :/ My clothes need to change
20. When 2010 ends, I hope whatever it is here, will be cross off :D

SPM - the BIG exam is so far the dominant cause it's so bloody important. It's the ticket to college, to graduation! I can't fail! I can't resit another high school year 8O Oh, life at this point sucks. Oh yes it does.

On the other side, school starts on Monday so I won't be online that often and I'm a SENIOR - muahahahhah! Take that! LMAO, I'm just kidding. I feel the same, nothing different. Just that one more year left in school and there's so much I wanna do. I wish I could just pause time but time is cruel after all.

Happy 2010 everyone! Have a blissful new year :D


Remya said...

Nice list!..pretty long no?
All the best qm!,
I know you'll rock!
Oh and the FIFA worldcup?...haha!
we agree there!!
can't miss it for my life!!
been waiting for t since the past 3 years!
take care :)

QM said...

yeap hahaha, World Cup makes the world moving,
Happy New Year to you too

nil said...

heyy!! cool list!! where have u been btw? Havent seen u on my page lately!?

Have an awesome year ahead!

[The FIFA worlcup was nicee ] :P

Disguise said...

Oii! You put yours up! :)
Very good.
I know you, and you're gonna stick by every single one of these resolutions.
And fifa. Oh god, I have to understand football
Okay, I love you! :)

nil said...

You've been tagged! Read my blog :D

QM said...

@ Disguise: I hope I can!! Football is the best game/sport in the world! I have yet to decide what country to support.

LMAO, xoxo back at cha

QM said...

Hhahaha, ok, I'm tagged -- I'll do it

Thousif Raza said...

wish you the same and more to list i would say, i would fall flat even with half of those :P, lol, best of luck to you....

may all the things on that list be fulfilled....

take care and keep writing.....