Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh Dear, It's The First!

The night before school started, I watched Mary Poppins :D Ohh, how I loveeee that classic movie, it just lightens up my mood.

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down - the medicine go down - the medicine go down favourite line is this one:

'My friend wanted a long underwear so he went to a tailor'.

The tailor asked, 'How long do you want it?'

He said 'from September to March'.

HAHHAHAHAHAHHHH, I burst out laughing. It was funny, along with Julie Andrews and her magic -- sighhh, I wish I had a nanny like that(:

It may be a quite surprise that I'm actually blogging on my first day back to school. I didn't feel like form 5, I still feel like form 4! We had the same classroom while others moved to other classes. Sigh, it was quite boring except that I could meet up with my friends again.

Not only that, I have an assignment due on 25th January and my 1st test in March ;(( God, the assignment is soooo ARGHHH! I have to copy one whole literature book into A4 papers. I HATE COPYING. I would much rather prefer exercises or essays and get on with it. Copying takes days and it's BO-RING.

Yeah-yeah, just another complaint/grunt from a senior student who has 11 more months before she graduates.

I just HATE exams. They give me stress & STRESS. Most of the time, they give me pain when I get back the marks. I hate the atmosphere of the exam hall & the change of attitudes of students during exams. They just make me more nervous.

Yes. I'm just lashing out everything inside of me on the first day back to school.

How do I feel?

It was -_-

*my expression*


Disguise said...

My love, relax!
It's okay, exam stress happens to everyone! :)
I'm here if you want to talk.

Thousif Raza said...

:D, it happens madam it happens.... i love copying bcoz less difficult more marks, thats just evu=il M saying actually i love hay for the brain u know :)

take care and keep writing..........

QM said...

Disguise- Thanks, sweetie(:
I was just like sooooo TIRED :/ of school

QM said...

Thousif- hahahahh, I hate copying! LOL but yeah, it happens:D