Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Use or Not to Use?

Hello readers(: School starts tomorrow and that means -- (screams in a bottle, throw into the sea) awww mann ;(( But I'm glad to be able to see my friends again, and that's the only reason why I'm having a 1% looking forward to it.

Anywhere, if you're living in Malaysia - you'll have probably found out that:

Malaysian court rules non-Muslims may call God Allah

The High Court said a government ban on non-Muslims using the word was unconstitutional.

The court was ruling on a lawsuit filed by the Herald, a publication of the Catholic Church in Malaysia, in 2007.

The authorities had insisted that Allah in the Malay language refers only to the God in Islam, which could only be used by Muslims.

The BBC's Jennifer Pak in Kuala Lumpur said some Muslim groups suspect the Catholic Church is seeking to encourage Muslims to convert to Christianity - a move which is illegal in Malaysia.

'Glorious new year'

The issue had become a symbol of a growing number of religious grievances among minority groups, in a political environment often divided along racial and religious lines, our correspondent adds.

The Herald filed for a judicial review after it was ordered in 2007 to stop referring to Allah in its publication.

The publication said it had been been using the word for decades, and had a constitutional right to do so.

The Herald welcomed Thursday's ruling, saying it would be a "glorious new year for some 850,000 Catholics in Malaysia".

More than half of Malaysia's population is Muslim but the large Chinese and Indian communities are mainly Christian, Buddhist or Hindu.

* * *

I just took the article off the internet and paste it here. I'm not good in writing news:P

Honestly, I wasn't bizzare over it. I wasn't like 'OMG, they're gonna convert us to Christians'. I'm a Muslim, that's it. I won't be affected by anything cause if I know who am I and that's the most important thing.

So I was browsing Facebook then a random person in Facebook friend list sent me a group invitation of a group that oppose the usage word of Allah among Non-Muslims. Like I said, it's a random person in my friend's list so I don't know whose that but I was so caught up with the group name that I decided to look at it first before I decided whether to join or not.

The wall was filled with people's angers that a non-Muslim jugde was conducting the case and that result was really upsetting. Okay, I understand that some of them are extremly devoted to their religion. Not that I'm not but I'm not the

best person to approcah and talk about Islam.

One of them wrote: This is a disgrace! It is a way to convert the Muslims to Christians!!!

And at that line, I rejected to join the group.

I thought that line was rather immature. A really laughable line, I think.

I have no say in this whether is right or wrong because we'll always have something to say to oppose. But c'mon, honestly, how innocent can we be???

Yes, the non-Muslims may use the word Allah but their practices are not the Muslims way. The way they think, the way they do things are entirely different. It'll always be their own religion's way.

If your belief & faith in your own religion is strong, then there's nothing in this world can break it. Do not start a war just because of what you think, don't just start bringing a group marching opposing it without having an understanding of both sides.

Another one wrote: If they can change God to Allah, why not change Abraham to Ibrahim or Jesus to Isa?

Well, if that was directed to me, I'll say: Ask them


But seriously, don't start chaos because you're so caught up with your thoughts and what people say. I want to be friends with everyone whose from different races & religions without any mishaps.

I may not entirely understand what is going on right now but believe me, there's always choices. If you say there's no other choice, it's only because you're avoiding the options.




Disguise said...

Hey you :)
I wouldn't comment on the issue, because I know nothing about it. I'll do a little bit of research and get back to you.
I LOVE your new template, btw.
But I can't read the posts unless I highlight the text with my mouse. Please change the color of the font :)

QM said...

Hahhah, it's okay, suree. I'm not exactly know what I'm talking, either. Just speaking my mind.

My font is in black, what colour should I change?

Disguise said...

It's all good now! :)

QM said...

Hahahha, okay:D

QM said...

Everyone, pls listen(:

I am not siding any side. I'm directing more to that sentence in blue bold (can you see it???)

Like I said, I speak my mind but regarding on this main issue, I'm not, cause I'm not the best person to talk of it. I just post the article from the internet to share with you guys(:

Not interested in debating here, okay. If it's your opinion, it's welcome.

But do not cross the line.

Just a friendly reminder to all since I want to blog peacefully

Disguise said...

Itotally agree with what you just said QM, I think, there's a line between making your point and being aggressive. When people cross that line, that's when we have a problem.

QM said...

Yeap, exactly. At this point, I'm just stating it generally without touching the main issue. Blogs are meant to be heard but there's a limit of what someone wants to say