Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting Bored?

So I was watching some random movie yesterday but I couldn't remember the title of the movie :( I always have this habit of watching or reading something without knowing the name or title.

And there was this actor - a young boy, he said: So what is life really? What does life means? Everyday is the same old routine and I hate the fact that it's a repeat cycle over and over again - every single day! Don't you get tired of it? Don't you wish our lives aren't planned out right in front us?

I couldn't agree more with the 'repeat cycle' and the 'same old routine every single day' but then, what could I do? What could we do? Sometimes I think life is routine: when the sun rise, you wake up; when the moon appears, you sleep. Isn't that a cycle too? But I guess whatever happens between has to happen like school, job - doing the same over again each day.

Maybe we could change it. Not literally but you know, change the way we do things, treat people or the way we think. Instead of eating at the same old restaurant(though you love it), why not try something new? Try out new food, new taste and new environment.

Or you notice a homeless guy that sits at the same spot everyday you pass by, I know we all have this natural instinct of not chatting with strangers but a simple hello or smile and some food for them will really make their day and yours too(: If you're not a social person, the common way is to leave a few notes for them. Trust me, by helping one person -- you feel so much happier in that day itself.

If you happen to hate watching football with your friends or dad, you know, it'll be great to suck it up and just spend near to 2 hours watching it with them. It's not always about football, you know. Or if one of your girlfriends are looking forward to see a preppy movie that you absolutely loath, just put your ego aside for once and give in. You'll end up having the REAL fun :D

Just change the way whatever you do emotionally, routines might be the same but the feelings you get are priceless(; I've been really busy this whole time and blogging has been slipping off. *sigh* yes, yes, my stubborn routines won't give up :(

Have a great week, everyone! XOXO

Monday, February 15, 2010

You Give Me Hope

Forget about my earlier post, I was in a really bad mood but I'm still quite piss....but I'm a whole lot better now. I shouldn't let this feeling create a storm over me.

This gave me HOPE(;

Read it, listen to it and understand it! You'll find the world has beautiful people living in it, just like how I found out(:

This is one that I LOVE so much:

When my sister was younger she came home from school one day and demanded I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language.

I asked why? She told me there was a new kid at school who was deaf and she wanted to befriend him.

Today I stood beside her at their wedding watching her sign “I DO”.


Yesterday I was watching the nightly local news.

A story came up about a 2nd grade girl who was diagnosed with leukemia and lost her hair. A boy in her class not ONLY shaved his head so she wouldnt be alone, he also got their whole class to do it too. I cried.

Good people, at all ages, GMH.

Another one I love....and I cried:

22 years ago, a 16 year old girl was pregnant with a baby of rape.

Understanding the circumstances, her parents told her to abort or be disowned.

Her best friend - her 18 year old neighbor - although he was not the father, stepped into the father figures shoes. They got married 2 years later.

Mom and Dad, your love for me and for each other GMH.

Thank you, GMH(;


I had just celebrated Chinese New Year and I love it but someone close to my blood yet far between gaps just had to ruined it. No, she didn't ruin Chinese New Year for me. She ruined the respect I have for her. As much as I wish to just yell at her face, I can't cause then, she'll change the topic, twist it and blame it on me.

Have you ever know anyone who think they are always right? And when they're wrong, they wouldn't admit it, instead point the finger at someone else or simply ignore what had just happened? And they think they tell you what to do just because they think their views and feelings are only important & not yours? And they do not consult you first before doing something that belongs to you?

Yes, I'm in a awful bad mood. Telling me to 'chill' is not going to make me feel better, only making it worse so don't, okay?

I can't even write what I'm feeling now cause I can't think! I'm just so mad and awfully SAD at the same time. MAD that she would do such a thing and SAD that she can do such a thing. Noooo, it's nothing serious but if I could only give you more details, you would understand but I won't. I'm too piss to even say who she is. More of, someone beyond where I am.

Just because she didn't like what I did which was ACCIDENTALLY - she had to explode but when SHE does it wrong, SHE would start yelling. When things can't work, SHE would start yelling & cursing at other people as though we are at fault who cause all the things went wrong. When she's in a bad mood, everyone gets it cause SHE is in a bad mood.

How IRONIC. Cause she keeps talking about people like her who does it yet SHE does it. I should tell her that? Hahahahhh, that would be the end of me by then. I could only wish she would stop her hideous behaviour cause I'm not the only person who can't stand it!

With that being said, I'm wiping my tears without any sound and re-doing back the things she erased. Sorry if I got out of hand, I needed to release my anger and I feel better now....a bit

Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Peek Into My Life

School is off for one week for Chinese New Year! YIPEEEE :DD Would be eating dinner at my aunt house to night and the REAL CNY would be on tomorrow:D And this year is the Year of Tiger.

tiger Pictures, Images and Photos

ROARRRRR!! I only have an aunt who is born in the Year of Tiger; I'm a Rooster; my sister is a Rat; my both parents are Goats and my brother is a Dragon. Well, I'm not sure if every Chinese Buddhist follow their zodiac signs, I don't but I take note of some. Some calls it superstition but to me, it's just a culture that defines each race.

Ohh - I'm chosen for one of the 2 school debate teams(: I'm not sure if we can pull it off to make it to the next round but I guess we have to work hard and hope for the best. Sigh, I'm quite doubtful about it :( WHY oh WHY!

And not to mention, I have to perform as a choir after the holidays during recess time. CRAP, haven't exactly practice since most of us are away back to our hometown celebrating Chinese New Year. But I love singing with my friends - it makes everything seem perfect(:
We're gonna sing 2 songs: Happy Ending by Mika & Paparazzi by Lady Gaga :OO

But we figured it's our last year in school, we just give our best shot to stand one last time on stage and SING! Hahahahahhh, ohh god, hopefully nobody records it & upload it to YouTube...we'll get bashed!

Another news, well not exactly news but I've sent an essay in about myself in order to be selected for a journalism workshop in Kuching(still in M'sia, lol) but it's on the other side where I am now. I have to take a plane in order to reach there and I have pay & arrange my own transport:( My friend, Jo is choosing Kuching too so hopefully we both get chosen so none of us will be alone along the journey. Well, if we do get chosen ;D

I think you may have figured out why I can't talk on a topic today cause my mind is really messed up right now and I'm listening to songs
right now to ease me down, it helps.....a little.
Gonna be eating a lot this week, thanks to CNY; gain weight:/

Still, I can't wait for my school year to end so I can finally leave my school uniform and enetr college! Sure, I'll miss school but I think after nearly 13 years of school years - I need to 'stop' button for something new. I'll still those bittersweet memories and I'll make sure I'll stay in touch with all my friends(:

Here are some pics from my school Sport's Day(: I'm a MARSIAN!! RED TEAM!

me, alliya, sze yan & sharanya <3>

our theme this year was VAMPIRE!

Earth as 1Malayisa

Our Captain for MARS
(should have seen his fangs)

Jupiter Cheerleaders

Members of the Vamps Entourage

awwwww, so cute!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Little Too Much?

I watched Tooth Fairy the movie today, starring Dwayne Johnson. It was funny watching him dressed in a tutu with his HUGE, muscular arms popping out like some man doll. Eeeeeee....he should and always stick to The Rock, I prefer him punching people rather dressing in pink.

After the movie, as everyone was walking out from the cinema. I noticed a couple of people flashing out their iPhones and began to touch the screen. And I began to think in confusion. These people who have iPhones are in their early 20's and most of them are students. I mean, what do they use it for anyway besides for music, calling, texting, setting alarms & go online? But people rarely go online using iPhone & iTouch a study showed, unless for business people - the rest prefer using laptops.

It's not like I'm talking about it without knowing anything. I have an iTouch and have to admit, I use it only for music and sometimes to go on Facebook just to check friend request and messages. If not, I wouldn't even on it. iTouch and iPhone are roughly the same just that I can't call or text using iTouch.

I don't know but sometimes I think it's too much for a little gadget to hold. Example, those little screen laptops with small keypads. My eyes hurt from straining as I tried to read the screen and my head is wider than the screen :|

I like my big, 'bulky' laptop. It's wide and I can type with spaces between my fingers. I can see my friend's pictures properly and most of all, I wouldn't crush my laptop by sitting on it. Okay, maybe everyone has a different taste in what they like. But why can't we just be advanced and stay simple at the same time?

I still remember when MP3 came out, everyone was rushing to get it and start showing off. Then, it was MP4; then, Nano iPod; then, iPod, then, iTouch; then, iPhone....and soon to be in market. I really think we are all charm with the current hot things in the market. We'll always want the new hot gadget in our hand. Did you know that the younger generation has at least a minimum of 3 gadgets in their hands?

My friends asked me why didn't I go ahead and ask for an iPhone for my last year birthday? Well because I really didn't need it at all. I have my old fashioned hand phone that can call out, text, music & take pictures - I like it that way. I like typing with that little buttons instead of touch screen. I like charging it using a plug instead of needing to charge it through my laptop.

LOL, maybe I'm a generation left behind, who cares :P That reminds me, what should I request for my birthday this year in May??? I get to ask one request from my grandparents for each birthday. Hmm, does a birthday party sounds perfect;D Seeing that I never threw a party in my life before and it would be nice to have one before I leave school for good(:

SIGH, I have school tomorrow:(( Dang it. Oh did I tell you we bisected a frog during Biology class? I felt sooo sad and worst when the boys were torturing the poor animal by removing its organs everywhere, GRRRR.

RIP, Mr. Frog ;(

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm so sorry for not being able to blog as often as I used to. My life is pretty busy now, tuitions 5 times per week and at the end of every week, I just want to sleep in. *yawn* I'm still sleepy.

So Chinese New Year is coming soon...hahahah, I won't be talking about CNY since most of you aren't celebrating it. Let us go to something more general: Valentine's Day!

valentines day Pictures, Images and Photos

Nah, I'm happy with myself. Single, so? I have my girlfriends whom I self proclaim as my soul mates:D I'm still amuse with some girls who are so desperate to have boyfriends or when they break up, they need a 'replacement'. Kinda creepy but that's what feed the gossip. LOL

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I just say to my friends: Hey, Happy Valentine's Day! It's like telling them Happy Birthday, a general thing. But there are some who celebrates it with that special someone(:

It could be anyone but most of the time, it's boyfriend & the girlfriend or husband & wife. Really sweet when you come to think of it but I was wondering, are any of you celebrating Valentine's Day? Is there a special someone? :O lol, c'mon, feed this naive - single girl who never had celebrate Valentine's. Make me jealous! :P

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