Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting Bored?

So I was watching some random movie yesterday but I couldn't remember the title of the movie :( I always have this habit of watching or reading something without knowing the name or title.

And there was this actor - a young boy, he said: So what is life really? What does life means? Everyday is the same old routine and I hate the fact that it's a repeat cycle over and over again - every single day! Don't you get tired of it? Don't you wish our lives aren't planned out right in front us?

I couldn't agree more with the 'repeat cycle' and the 'same old routine every single day' but then, what could I do? What could we do? Sometimes I think life is routine: when the sun rise, you wake up; when the moon appears, you sleep. Isn't that a cycle too? But I guess whatever happens between has to happen like school, job - doing the same over again each day.

Maybe we could change it. Not literally but you know, change the way we do things, treat people or the way we think. Instead of eating at the same old restaurant(though you love it), why not try something new? Try out new food, new taste and new environment.

Or you notice a homeless guy that sits at the same spot everyday you pass by, I know we all have this natural instinct of not chatting with strangers but a simple hello or smile and some food for them will really make their day and yours too(: If you're not a social person, the common way is to leave a few notes for them. Trust me, by helping one person -- you feel so much happier in that day itself.

If you happen to hate watching football with your friends or dad, you know, it'll be great to suck it up and just spend near to 2 hours watching it with them. It's not always about football, you know. Or if one of your girlfriends are looking forward to see a preppy movie that you absolutely loath, just put your ego aside for once and give in. You'll end up having the REAL fun :D

Just change the way whatever you do emotionally, routines might be the same but the feelings you get are priceless(; I've been really busy this whole time and blogging has been slipping off. *sigh* yes, yes, my stubborn routines won't give up :(

Have a great week, everyone! XOXO


Quirkyloon said...

Great thoughts. It's so easy to stay in our comfort zones.

Thousif Raza said...

sometimes its like that... but i like the thoughts... genuine... and warm as always... :)

take care and keep writing.....