Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm so sorry for not being able to blog as often as I used to. My life is pretty busy now, tuitions 5 times per week and at the end of every week, I just want to sleep in. *yawn* I'm still sleepy.

So Chinese New Year is coming soon...hahahah, I won't be talking about CNY since most of you aren't celebrating it. Let us go to something more general: Valentine's Day!

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Nah, I'm happy with myself. Single, so? I have my girlfriends whom I self proclaim as my soul mates:D I'm still amuse with some girls who are so desperate to have boyfriends or when they break up, they need a 'replacement'. Kinda creepy but that's what feed the gossip. LOL

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I just say to my friends: Hey, Happy Valentine's Day! It's like telling them Happy Birthday, a general thing. But there are some who celebrates it with that special someone(:

It could be anyone but most of the time, it's boyfriend & the girlfriend or husband & wife. Really sweet when you come to think of it but I was wondering, are any of you celebrating Valentine's Day? Is there a special someone? :O lol, c'mon, feed this naive - single girl who never had celebrate Valentine's. Make me jealous! :P

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Thousif Raza said...

well u wouldn't believe but most of my frenz to 'celebrate' v day... frenz (girls and boys included) call me up and we wish each same pinch ;)

last year it was like that... many of them have been hitched now.... so i guess this year the number is gonna come down :P...

and from my side... happy valentine's day :)

take care and keep writing............

*Shreya* said...

you'r not the only one :)