Monday, February 15, 2010


I had just celebrated Chinese New Year and I love it but someone close to my blood yet far between gaps just had to ruined it. No, she didn't ruin Chinese New Year for me. She ruined the respect I have for her. As much as I wish to just yell at her face, I can't cause then, she'll change the topic, twist it and blame it on me.

Have you ever know anyone who think they are always right? And when they're wrong, they wouldn't admit it, instead point the finger at someone else or simply ignore what had just happened? And they think they tell you what to do just because they think their views and feelings are only important & not yours? And they do not consult you first before doing something that belongs to you?

Yes, I'm in a awful bad mood. Telling me to 'chill' is not going to make me feel better, only making it worse so don't, okay?

I can't even write what I'm feeling now cause I can't think! I'm just so mad and awfully SAD at the same time. MAD that she would do such a thing and SAD that she can do such a thing. Noooo, it's nothing serious but if I could only give you more details, you would understand but I won't. I'm too piss to even say who she is. More of, someone beyond where I am.

Just because she didn't like what I did which was ACCIDENTALLY - she had to explode but when SHE does it wrong, SHE would start yelling. When things can't work, SHE would start yelling & cursing at other people as though we are at fault who cause all the things went wrong. When she's in a bad mood, everyone gets it cause SHE is in a bad mood.

How IRONIC. Cause she keeps talking about people like her who does it yet SHE does it. I should tell her that? Hahahahhh, that would be the end of me by then. I could only wish she would stop her hideous behaviour cause I'm not the only person who can't stand it!

With that being said, I'm wiping my tears without any sound and re-doing back the things she erased. Sorry if I got out of hand, I needed to release my anger and I feel better now....a bit


Quirkyloon said...

Ack! Sorry to hear this. It really sucks when other people have NO clue, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people too. Who has no clue, but I usually keep my mouth shut!


It's good to vent!

QM said...

LOL!!! Yeah, it sucks :((

But now, I'm feeling better - thanks to some blog I stumble upon(:

*hugs back*

Joaaanna said...

Cheer up babe! I guess many people are like that. Sometimes we just gotta get used to it. My dad is like that. I'd just keep quiet and walk away, ignore him for the rest of the day then act like nothing happened till he talks to me first.

Hey, it's CNY. Have fun, don't let this thing make you all sad.

QM said...

omg, so true, Jo!! Yeah, it's hurtful at times ;((

Thanks babe(: I'm feeling much better now! Happy CNY!