Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Peek Into My Life

School is off for one week for Chinese New Year! YIPEEEE :DD Would be eating dinner at my aunt house to night and the REAL CNY would be on tomorrow:D And this year is the Year of Tiger.

tiger Pictures, Images and Photos

ROARRRRR!! I only have an aunt who is born in the Year of Tiger; I'm a Rooster; my sister is a Rat; my both parents are Goats and my brother is a Dragon. Well, I'm not sure if every Chinese Buddhist follow their zodiac signs, I don't but I take note of some. Some calls it superstition but to me, it's just a culture that defines each race.

Ohh - I'm chosen for one of the 2 school debate teams(: I'm not sure if we can pull it off to make it to the next round but I guess we have to work hard and hope for the best. Sigh, I'm quite doubtful about it :( WHY oh WHY!

And not to mention, I have to perform as a choir after the holidays during recess time. CRAP, haven't exactly practice since most of us are away back to our hometown celebrating Chinese New Year. But I love singing with my friends - it makes everything seem perfect(:
We're gonna sing 2 songs: Happy Ending by Mika & Paparazzi by Lady Gaga :OO

But we figured it's our last year in school, we just give our best shot to stand one last time on stage and SING! Hahahahahhh, ohh god, hopefully nobody records it & upload it to YouTube...we'll get bashed!

Another news, well not exactly news but I've sent an essay in about myself in order to be selected for a journalism workshop in Kuching(still in M'sia, lol) but it's on the other side where I am now. I have to take a plane in order to reach there and I have pay & arrange my own transport:( My friend, Jo is choosing Kuching too so hopefully we both get chosen so none of us will be alone along the journey. Well, if we do get chosen ;D

I think you may have figured out why I can't talk on a topic today cause my mind is really messed up right now and I'm listening to songs
right now to ease me down, it helps.....a little.
Gonna be eating a lot this week, thanks to CNY; gain weight:/

Still, I can't wait for my school year to end so I can finally leave my school uniform and enetr college! Sure, I'll miss school but I think after nearly 13 years of school years - I need to 'stop' button for something new. I'll still those bittersweet memories and I'll make sure I'll stay in touch with all my friends(:

Here are some pics from my school Sport's Day(: I'm a MARSIAN!! RED TEAM!

me, alliya, sze yan & sharanya <3>

our theme this year was VAMPIRE!

Earth as 1Malayisa

Our Captain for MARS
(should have seen his fangs)

Jupiter Cheerleaders

Members of the Vamps Entourage

awwwww, so cute!


Huda Merchant said...

Lovely pictures !! I like the vampire theme !

QM said...

Hahahhah, thanks! :D

Thousif Raza said...

glad you had fun... and those are beautiful pics... following you on twitter now :)

take care and keep writing.......