Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Old Golden Days

OMG, there's gonna be a Toy Story 3 3D :DD I thought I'll never see Toy Story part 3! It may sound childish for a 17 (soon) years old squeaking happily about this but I love Toy Story so much. It's one of my favourite Disney movie of all time.

Every time I watch Toy Story when I was a little girl, I would go up into my room and start talking to my dolls as though they pretend they couldn't hear me. Of course I know it was fake, but I love Toy Story too much to let my imagination fade away.

Toy Story was released in 1995, I was 2 years old only but Disney movies nearly fail to capture the magic of every child around the Earth. It's really amazing isn't it, how some adults claim that cartoons are out of their leagues already when in fact, all these Disney movies are created by adults who believed that growing old is only an option.

I personally don't believe in growing old everyday; I'm living everyday, at the moment and take the past as bittersweet memories, live during the present and hope for the future. By the time, I end this post, it'll be a past.

Snow White was my first ever Disney movie I ever watched. I don't like her though, I prefer Bells from Beauty & The Beast (Bells have guts). But I adore the seven dwarfs a LOTTTT :D They are all so cute. Hahahah, with their big button noses.

My favourite prince would be the one from Cinderella. *grins* he's handsome, LOL! But out of all the Disney princess movie, Beauty & The Beast is my favourite. It's so different from other typical Disney princess movies. Not too tacky and wonderful imaginations being plotted. I love ALL the characters in there to bits! And most of all, a great lesson was learn at the end: never judge someone by his/her looks (:

I would still be watching all these movies if only I had the DVDs and Disney channel have stop showing these wonderful movies already :( Now all Disney cartoons are too anime or uncreative, I personally think. Where's the black & white Mickey Mouse? That was pure classic and really, really, good sense of humour.

Well, maybe they have to change according to the time we live in now but those who feel the same way the way I do know that the good old days can never be replaced (:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking Back

YES. I cut my hair! Now, I'm letting it grow :D

It's a Monday night. Just finishing studying History and did my BM essay (ugh), finally I could find some time to blog! Been a while since I last blog; sigh, I wish I have already graduated from high school, have sat for my SPM and on the way to Prom. Sadly, I must be patient and wait :(

I'm up for choir auditioning tomorrow :O I'm gonna sing 'You Light Up My Life' by LeAnne Rimes. That's the only song that my voice could pull it off. Damn, I'm having that 'what if's' images running through my head. HELPPPPP!!

I'm really, really, really missing my dance classes especially Tap Dancing. I LOVE it so much. I love the tapping sound when I dance around, *tap* *tap* *tap* I like ballet but it got hard when I went to higher grade; Jazz is just soulful - it's the dance of expressing yourself. Dancing was my second passion right after writing.

My mum enrolled me to ballet classes when I was 6 or 7. Then, came along Tap and Jazz. OHMYGOD, I never felt so alive before! Before I dance, I felt numb and sunk down a deep hole but when I dance, I didn't give a damn! It's really true when they say: Dance like no one is watching. Because when you dance, it's just you in the studio facing a long wall of mirrors or the better part, on the stage performing.

I danced and performed on stages from such a young age that I believe it was what made me overcome my fear of BIG audience and just learn to have fun :D I love putting on costumes and make-ups as I chat frantically with my friends as we try to stay calm but the feeling was so PRICELESS. It felt like it could go on forever!

But everything has its ends too. I stopped my dance lessons around 11, I guess. I had to concentrate on my studies. Academics were so important (groans).
It may sound short but honestly, I got a file FULL with my dance certificates taking exams along with my piano lessons :DD I still have my dance shoes at home but I can't wear them anymore. It was fun while it lasted but I guess it's not meant for me to be a dancer. I still miss dancing, though.

Well, at least I DID take up dance classes: ballet, tap & jazz. But if I could retake back one, it would be Tap. No dances are like Tap, it's totally different, beyond what we could all think.

At least I did it. Yeaapp, that's good enough for me.

Off to bed now. School bell rings 9 and a half hours time!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm so exhausted. Just finished a 3 day debate at KDU College. I forgot how nice it felt when you're not arguing with someone and how comfortable my eyes felt when I can sleep peacefully.

School holiday just started! :D For a week only, though but thank God, a BREAK - that's what I need. Anyway, I'm trying my best to blog frequently but tiredness from school just keep getting in my way. Since today, I have nothing on to bother me; I shall blog!

I'm going to blog about my experience in KDU College. It was the first time I ever went into a college so you know, all sort of thoughts went through my mind, like, 'where do I go?', 'who should I seek to since they all wore casual clothes', 'is this a college?'

When my friends and I stepped into the college, the college students were giving us a 'stare' that said: what are they doing here? Well, can't exactly blame them since we were wearing our school uniforms but there were some of them who looked at us like, 'oh, look at these little kids'.

Some actually glare at us! HAHAHAH, hey lady, you need not to prove anything to us. We can see perfectly that your clothes are more stylish than us but you do want to extend the length of your shorts since it reveals an unpleasing sight of you when you sit down & cross your legs ;)

But there were some really nice people there. The judges who judged us were mostly foreigners, black guys but I don't know which country are they from. Couldn't tell by their accents but they were REALLY nice & friendly. They were real debaters and they actually listen and point out your strengths & weakness perfectly.

Then, comes the other schools students. Those who looked friendly were rude and those who looked rude were friendly. Thank God, I had only encounter with one RUDE team. Honestly, only the guy from that team was a real pompas and trust me, those who bump into him for even 5 seconds know what kind of guy he is. He was using foul language to his team mates because he thinks their points were bad :/ I was passing by and I heard that; I felt angry at him for being so rude and pitiful for his team mates but you know, sometimes we have to choose between what's right and what's easy. I kept my chin up and walked away.

Also, we met some really hilarious people! HAHAHAH, their personalities were outstanding! I can laugh over and over again just by thinking back. Honestly, I'm not sad that I didn't make it to the finals but it was a really good experience. I got a glimpse of college life and met one-of-kind people. That was much more fun with my friends by my side :D

This week, I'm going to the saloon with my friend! :D YEAYY! For the first time, I'll have a friend to go to saloon with and we'll both having our hairs done, I love it!

And after this week, I shall be auditioning for the school choir. I'm not a terrific singer but it's my last year in school anyway, why not give it a shot? Besides, I like singing, it's fun! Especially choir. We are never too old to try new things but we forget to try new things. I'm not letting that happened to me, I don't want to lead a dull routine. I just can't sit around and expect to do the same thing over and over again.

I'll let you know how everything turns out ;D
Hopefully everything I wished to be will come true

P.S. Yes, I still believe that dreams come true

Saturday, March 6, 2010


March holiday is just around the corner:D One week more to be exact! It's not exactly a holiday, rather a break but arghh, I'll take it! My life has been really busy lately, school is playing a major role of my life now.

I'm having a debate competition next Friday! CRAPP:/ I'm having huge doubts to even pass the 1st round. We'll only get the topic of the debate 20 mins before it starts, no technology stuff inside. So we're gonna be like quarantine inside -- nobody else inside except for 2 teams and those in charge being there. I'm bad at being spontaneous, I need to find ways to help me out!!!

Anyone can help me?

Next, I really need, well, maybe WANT to go to the hair saloon. Wait, I NEED. I feel boring with my current hairstyle. Guys may not understand this but girls do. In school, girls here go to saloon for a minimum 3 times in a year( I don't know what's the maximum or is there even a maximum) and I haven't been to one this year!

Dramatic as I may sound, I desert my current hairstyle. It's lifeless and ugh, bo-ring. My mum surely wouldn't let me go to the saloon...but I have a plan. Muahahaha! Money is not the problem, I have my own money and all I need is a transport to the saloon. Hmm, maybe grandma would send me:D (yes, she drives - still do!)

I've decided to try out the short side swept bangs. I'm tired of the long bangs, I've been wearing that for such a long time.

Mine - BO-RING (it's just messed up)

short, side swept bangs

medium length, side swept bangs

long, side swept bangs

Honestly, I'm attracted to the short, side swept bangs. It's different and it will cover up my long forehead. Yeahhh, I have a long forehead and then, it narrows down at my chin. So I have to get a hairstyle that would soften my forehead, so people won't focus at my wide forehead.

Now, I'm pulling back all my hair to school, wearing a headband. It's cool but going out is another matter. I feel dull and I hate it. So would you guys help me out? Thanks:D