Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Old Golden Days

OMG, there's gonna be a Toy Story 3 3D :DD I thought I'll never see Toy Story part 3! It may sound childish for a 17 (soon) years old squeaking happily about this but I love Toy Story so much. It's one of my favourite Disney movie of all time.

Every time I watch Toy Story when I was a little girl, I would go up into my room and start talking to my dolls as though they pretend they couldn't hear me. Of course I know it was fake, but I love Toy Story too much to let my imagination fade away.

Toy Story was released in 1995, I was 2 years old only but Disney movies nearly fail to capture the magic of every child around the Earth. It's really amazing isn't it, how some adults claim that cartoons are out of their leagues already when in fact, all these Disney movies are created by adults who believed that growing old is only an option.

I personally don't believe in growing old everyday; I'm living everyday, at the moment and take the past as bittersweet memories, live during the present and hope for the future. By the time, I end this post, it'll be a past.

Snow White was my first ever Disney movie I ever watched. I don't like her though, I prefer Bells from Beauty & The Beast (Bells have guts). But I adore the seven dwarfs a LOTTTT :D They are all so cute. Hahahah, with their big button noses.

My favourite prince would be the one from Cinderella. *grins* he's handsome, LOL! But out of all the Disney princess movie, Beauty & The Beast is my favourite. It's so different from other typical Disney princess movies. Not too tacky and wonderful imaginations being plotted. I love ALL the characters in there to bits! And most of all, a great lesson was learn at the end: never judge someone by his/her looks (:

I would still be watching all these movies if only I had the DVDs and Disney channel have stop showing these wonderful movies already :( Now all Disney cartoons are too anime or uncreative, I personally think. Where's the black & white Mickey Mouse? That was pure classic and really, really, good sense of humour.

Well, maybe they have to change according to the time we live in now but those who feel the same way the way I do know that the good old days can never be replaced (:


Huda Merchant said...

My favorite is little mermaid!! I simply adore ariel :D i agree with the cartoons and stuff on disney these days..I so prefer the old stuff.

QM said...

hahahha, same here! High 5 :DD

Thousif Raza said...

all disney and pixar fav... finding nemo the most.... they bring back a lot of memories :)

ake care and keep writing.......