Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking Back

YES. I cut my hair! Now, I'm letting it grow :D

It's a Monday night. Just finishing studying History and did my BM essay (ugh), finally I could find some time to blog! Been a while since I last blog; sigh, I wish I have already graduated from high school, have sat for my SPM and on the way to Prom. Sadly, I must be patient and wait :(

I'm up for choir auditioning tomorrow :O I'm gonna sing 'You Light Up My Life' by LeAnne Rimes. That's the only song that my voice could pull it off. Damn, I'm having that 'what if's' images running through my head. HELPPPPP!!

I'm really, really, really missing my dance classes especially Tap Dancing. I LOVE it so much. I love the tapping sound when I dance around, *tap* *tap* *tap* I like ballet but it got hard when I went to higher grade; Jazz is just soulful - it's the dance of expressing yourself. Dancing was my second passion right after writing.

My mum enrolled me to ballet classes when I was 6 or 7. Then, came along Tap and Jazz. OHMYGOD, I never felt so alive before! Before I dance, I felt numb and sunk down a deep hole but when I dance, I didn't give a damn! It's really true when they say: Dance like no one is watching. Because when you dance, it's just you in the studio facing a long wall of mirrors or the better part, on the stage performing.

I danced and performed on stages from such a young age that I believe it was what made me overcome my fear of BIG audience and just learn to have fun :D I love putting on costumes and make-ups as I chat frantically with my friends as we try to stay calm but the feeling was so PRICELESS. It felt like it could go on forever!

But everything has its ends too. I stopped my dance lessons around 11, I guess. I had to concentrate on my studies. Academics were so important (groans).
It may sound short but honestly, I got a file FULL with my dance certificates taking exams along with my piano lessons :DD I still have my dance shoes at home but I can't wear them anymore. It was fun while it lasted but I guess it's not meant for me to be a dancer. I still miss dancing, though.

Well, at least I DID take up dance classes: ballet, tap & jazz. But if I could retake back one, it would be Tap. No dances are like Tap, it's totally different, beyond what we could all think.

At least I did it. Yeaapp, that's good enough for me.

Off to bed now. School bell rings 9 and a half hours time!


Huda Merchant said...

Your haircut looks really nice :D I always wanted bangs like that but my forehead is too small :P

QM said...

HAHHAHAHAHAHA, I knowwww, I have a huge forehead!
It's still flat though, sigh. Need to volume it up!

Huda Merchant said...

Looks amazing :D You look super cute :)