Saturday, March 6, 2010


March holiday is just around the corner:D One week more to be exact! It's not exactly a holiday, rather a break but arghh, I'll take it! My life has been really busy lately, school is playing a major role of my life now.

I'm having a debate competition next Friday! CRAPP:/ I'm having huge doubts to even pass the 1st round. We'll only get the topic of the debate 20 mins before it starts, no technology stuff inside. So we're gonna be like quarantine inside -- nobody else inside except for 2 teams and those in charge being there. I'm bad at being spontaneous, I need to find ways to help me out!!!

Anyone can help me?

Next, I really need, well, maybe WANT to go to the hair saloon. Wait, I NEED. I feel boring with my current hairstyle. Guys may not understand this but girls do. In school, girls here go to saloon for a minimum 3 times in a year( I don't know what's the maximum or is there even a maximum) and I haven't been to one this year!

Dramatic as I may sound, I desert my current hairstyle. It's lifeless and ugh, bo-ring. My mum surely wouldn't let me go to the saloon...but I have a plan. Muahahaha! Money is not the problem, I have my own money and all I need is a transport to the saloon. Hmm, maybe grandma would send me:D (yes, she drives - still do!)

I've decided to try out the short side swept bangs. I'm tired of the long bangs, I've been wearing that for such a long time.

Mine - BO-RING (it's just messed up)

short, side swept bangs

medium length, side swept bangs

long, side swept bangs

Honestly, I'm attracted to the short, side swept bangs. It's different and it will cover up my long forehead. Yeahhh, I have a long forehead and then, it narrows down at my chin. So I have to get a hairstyle that would soften my forehead, so people won't focus at my wide forehead.

Now, I'm pulling back all my hair to school, wearing a headband. It's cool but going out is another matter. I feel dull and I hate it. So would you guys help me out? Thanks:D


Thousif Raza said...

hey your hair looks good... (IF its you in the photo :P)

yeah anniston s look is also cool, but that lo9oks cool only on blondes i guess. io donoo i am no hair expert... but i wanted to be a mek up man when i was a kid.. what am i taking abt i have no clue... but good luck ;)

take care and keep writing........

QM said...

LOL course it's me ;D

Whoaaa, really? What stopped you?

Thousif Raza said...

i donoo... peer pressure i guess... i still kind of like it... but here make up man=loser, so you know... sacrificed that dream

and that photo... love the top you are ;)

take care and keep writing..........