Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm so exhausted. Just finished a 3 day debate at KDU College. I forgot how nice it felt when you're not arguing with someone and how comfortable my eyes felt when I can sleep peacefully.

School holiday just started! :D For a week only, though but thank God, a BREAK - that's what I need. Anyway, I'm trying my best to blog frequently but tiredness from school just keep getting in my way. Since today, I have nothing on to bother me; I shall blog!

I'm going to blog about my experience in KDU College. It was the first time I ever went into a college so you know, all sort of thoughts went through my mind, like, 'where do I go?', 'who should I seek to since they all wore casual clothes', 'is this a college?'

When my friends and I stepped into the college, the college students were giving us a 'stare' that said: what are they doing here? Well, can't exactly blame them since we were wearing our school uniforms but there were some of them who looked at us like, 'oh, look at these little kids'.

Some actually glare at us! HAHAHAH, hey lady, you need not to prove anything to us. We can see perfectly that your clothes are more stylish than us but you do want to extend the length of your shorts since it reveals an unpleasing sight of you when you sit down & cross your legs ;)

But there were some really nice people there. The judges who judged us were mostly foreigners, black guys but I don't know which country are they from. Couldn't tell by their accents but they were REALLY nice & friendly. They were real debaters and they actually listen and point out your strengths & weakness perfectly.

Then, comes the other schools students. Those who looked friendly were rude and those who looked rude were friendly. Thank God, I had only encounter with one RUDE team. Honestly, only the guy from that team was a real pompas and trust me, those who bump into him for even 5 seconds know what kind of guy he is. He was using foul language to his team mates because he thinks their points were bad :/ I was passing by and I heard that; I felt angry at him for being so rude and pitiful for his team mates but you know, sometimes we have to choose between what's right and what's easy. I kept my chin up and walked away.

Also, we met some really hilarious people! HAHAHAH, their personalities were outstanding! I can laugh over and over again just by thinking back. Honestly, I'm not sad that I didn't make it to the finals but it was a really good experience. I got a glimpse of college life and met one-of-kind people. That was much more fun with my friends by my side :D

This week, I'm going to the saloon with my friend! :D YEAYY! For the first time, I'll have a friend to go to saloon with and we'll both having our hairs done, I love it!

And after this week, I shall be auditioning for the school choir. I'm not a terrific singer but it's my last year in school anyway, why not give it a shot? Besides, I like singing, it's fun! Especially choir. We are never too old to try new things but we forget to try new things. I'm not letting that happened to me, I don't want to lead a dull routine. I just can't sit around and expect to do the same thing over and over again.

I'll let you know how everything turns out ;D
Hopefully everything I wished to be will come true

P.S. Yes, I still believe that dreams come true


Thousif Raza said...

i am glad you had a memorable experiance.... wish to know all about your 'real' experiance ;)....

take care and keep writing..........

Disguise said...

How youuuuuu?