Sunday, April 11, 2010

Earn It, Honey

So sorry I haven't blogged for a while. Actually, I feel more sorry for myself not being able to blog, it's like forgetting to talk to yourself. I've been so busy lately. Getting up early to study, practicing for debate and this Friday, I'll be heading down to IIU with my teammates for a debate competition!

YEAY ;D We'll be sleeping at the university for 5 days and 4 nights while we debate. It sounds so cool but the truth is I'm nervous cause all of us really want to break into the octo-finals which is not an easy task. Hopefully with the amount of time & effort we spent - and with God by our side, we'll break through!

Anyway, I have this teacher in the class that most students dislike him. Firstly, he can't teach and secondly, he thinks we have to respect him no matter what. Okay, yeahh, I get it. You have to respect your teachers if you want to understand what they're teaching. But they can't just demand your respect when they, themselves have no idea that respect must be achieved with themselves first.

I respect everyone, including the ones I despise. To the people I despise, I respect them enough to treat them humanly, that's it. To the people I truly know, I respect them enough to bow my head towards them. That's a huge difference between those 2 respects; I doubt if anyone agrees with me on this but heck, that's how I keep things simple.

A guy wrote on Facebook: To be honest if both sides thought like this nobody would get respect because they both would think they should get it first. I agree with _____ though, I give respect to a certain extent. To get my full respect you gotta earn it. It isnt automatically given. Parents and elders are so dedicated to thinking since they gave birth to their child they can do whatever they feel like and still get the same respect. If you are trying to teach your child a lesson about respect, it's better off to show it first. But it's better to show a reasonable amount of respect in order to get the whole 100% in my opinion.

Many people agreed with him, so do I. Of course I respect my parents, who doesn't? But to gain the FULL respect, that's hard. Just can't use excuses to gain it cause you can't.

My tuition teacher is one humorous yet serious guy. He can be funny at times but serious at most times. But the reason I respect him fully and above all teachers is because he doesn't treat us like students who come here just to ace their exams. He teaches us to ace in every aspect of lives.

When he scolds, I don't hold a grudge which I believe is the only teacher I NEVER hold a grudge against to. In fact, when he scolds someone, that student would say: Thank You, Sir. Everyone does it, including me. Being a teacher is not an easy task, beside being able to teach, it's a job in a need of passion. If you don't, don't be a teacher because students want teachers who can be their friends too.

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This is the final test of a gentleman:

His respect for those who can be of no possible value to him.

- William Lyon Phelps

*p.s. that's not him, LOL


Thousif Raza said...

i so agree with you... and i so like your tuition teacher already :P.... reminds me of my teacher who gave me serious thrashing on my ass once...:P because we tried to be modern wright brothers... by hitting girls with rockets :P

take care and keep writing.....

QM said...

LOLL, yeah sometimes the most strict teacher can end up being the greatest of all(: