Saturday, April 24, 2010

IIUM Debate Journey

WEEEEEE!! I'm finally back after a week at IIUM (Islamic International University Malaysia). For those who didn't know, my friends and I entered the 9th Interschool Debate Championship 2010. It was a really new experience sleeping at the dorms and using community bathroom but honestly, it was all WORTH it :D

We ranked 24 out of 81 schools! And we only had around a month of training and manage to beat other experience school(: We met a lot of people, saw a lot of new things, it was all so new and fun that we actually find it quite sad when we had to leave.

IIUM is among the world's Top 10 debate univeristy/college, right after Oxford and Havard. The judges there and the students are the best among the best so it was a real thrill able to meet them. They represent Malaysia in various world class international debate tournaments. To be honest, I would love to debate and compete in international debate events like that!

Ohhh and about the people we met...We met this one guy, 13 years old. He talks very diplomatic. Let me do a drop-down convo so it's clearer.

Him: Are you a Chinese or...

Me: I'm a Malay and Chinese mixed

Him: Ohh no, it has happened

Me: What??

Him (hesistating): I don't really like inter-racial marriage.

Me (stunned): Okayy....

Him: If I could, I would make a law to ban all inter-racial marriages

Me: .....

Him: I'm not racist, it's just that, when different chromosomes keep colliding - this will create a new breed of human. Like, superhuman with super strength.

My friend: Are you serious? Like superman, that kind?

Him: Yes.

Me: Do I look like a superwoman to you?

Him: Maybe not now but you'll be

Me: (he's got to be fucking kidding me) Interesting

HAHAHAHAHHA, so you know, how awkard that was. RIGHT IN MY FACE, he annoyed me but ah well, he's just a messed up kiddo. Never in my life I heard that kind of excuse SUPERHUMAN. Right, I'm a mutan now.

Then, we became great friends with St. Xavier guys from Penang. Really funny and friendly people. We exchange numbers and hope to see them again.

And we befriended a RMC (Royal Milltary College) guy. We got to know the millatary life from him. I wish I can tell you the details but I can't since well, only the RMC should know about this and if his mother finds out, let's say, that's the end of him. You know those millatary schools you watch on movies? Yeahh, that bad but 50 times worse. I felt like puking at some point, honestly.

Then, we met this guys from Langkawi boarding school. One of the guy, Farez wants to be a musician. And OHMYLORD, he could really sing. Like sooo well! I feel like buying his CD, if he actually had one. Hahahhah, he sang Heartless 'Kris Allen version' and it was pure ah-mazing!

And just to add extra infos, these are the motions we had at IIUM

Round 1: THW introduce sex education in Malaysia

Round 2: THW allow prisoners the right to vote

Round 3: THW allow host countries of ineternational sports events to introduce a sport of their choice

Round 4: THBT women need men as much as fish needs a bicycle

Round 5: TH supports an online gaming curfew for minors

Round 6: THW make overweight airline passenger to pay an extra weight surcharge

Double-Octos: THW never allow death penalty to anyone ever and ever

I can't remember the rest that well but the final was: THBT face veil is a female empowerment as much as a miniskirt

The best part was both teams were all non-muslims so the debate was really confusing because none of them really knew the motion supposed to be but the Opposition, MBS got it down right at the 2nd speaker. PHEW!

At the end, it was all about the people we met. That's the best thing about debate; what I love about it:D It was quite sad when we had to leave and bid farewell but we stay in touch in Facebook (thank God for Facebook!)

But I'm really sad that this will be my LAST debate competition, I have to concetrate on my studies now. SIGH ;( But my friends and I promise to train one of our teammate for next year when she goes for the IIU debate competition again (: I guess the road never really ends, just a change of junction

Anyway, I guess that's all about it. These are some pictures we did between debating. The wonders of debate!


A. K. said...

Sounds like you had a blast... How are you.. Feels good to read your blog after such a long time

QM said...

HEYY :D I'm fine, thank you. It feels good to hear from you after a very, very long time!

Hope you're great back there (;

裕以 said...

外表往往與事實本身不符,世人卻容易被表面裝飾所欺騙了 ..................................................