Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gimme A Break

I feel like a zombie. I have been waking up at 5 am, sleeping at 12am. Oh God, I can feel my eyes rolling at the back of my socket. Yes, mid-year exams. I'm exhausted. But I still have exams until 3rd June. Taking a break to blog before I doze off again.

Just sat for Physics paper. Paper 2 was like shit. Not to mention Add Maths. OMG, I'm gonna fail Add Maths. I just can't do Add Maths, I try my best to understand it but all I get is *crickets singing* Not even hoping for a B for Add Maths. Anyone who gets a B is a genius. Oh yess, it was a state government's exam paper so it was THAT hard.

Few people cried because they couldn't do the Add Maths paper. The others were slamming their hands and feet - sighing frustratingly. It was really a depressing scene. I had a migraine when I got home and just fell flat for 3 hours, not studying for the next day's paper.

Sheez, I can't wait for SPM to be over with and leave school. I'm so tired. So yeah, on Add Maths day was my BIRTHDAY ;'(

But then......


HAHHAHAH, my best buddies surprised me with a sweet little, party just for us. It wasn't grand and all but it was good enough :) I honestly didn't expect any of this and for them to buy cakes, foods and drinks were so thoughtful of them. I was so shocked! I was like 'wh...what----wh----' and just burst out laughing because I didn't know what to say!

My lovely friends. They just know how to make me smile :D


Me: You forgot my birthday :'(

Dad: No, I didn't. I just don't remember. Here, a Mentos & a Snicker's bar.

Awesome, isn't it? LMAO

I demanded my dad to teach me to drive since I'm not allowed to take my license til end of the year when my exams are finally over. My dad was doubtful but since I kept pressing on it, and told that my friend's dads taught them - he was like, 'Not in the housing area'. Woohooo, I heard driving's fun so hopefully, I'll finally be the driver this weekend.

There's so much I want to talk about but I'm just so tired. My eyes are failing me and it's only 5:50 pm :/ Thinking of grabbing a bar of Chocs and fall asleep on the couch. Hmm, maybe I'll come up with something else to talk about, a topic - haven't done that in a while. It's all bout what's going in my life and ugh, it's repetitive. Not cool.




Chocolatelover said...

Awwww... best of luck for all your exams. :D
And belated Happy Birthday. :)
Hope you had an awesome birthday, it sure did sound good. :)

A. K. said...

5 AM.. Its been ages since i have seen 5 AM... School sure is tough. You take care of your self. Good luck..

Belated Happy Birthday

QM said...

Thank you, you guys! I sure did have a really sweet b'day ;)

@A.K. LOL, cant wait when I can not need to wake up at 5am anymore...