Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Shooting Star

Tomorrow's Mother's Day! We don't usually celebrate it BIG or anything like that but we do acknowledge it. I'm not sure what kind of relationships that any of you have with your mothers but everyone has that special bond between them & their moms.

I don't talk about feelings or discuss my private matter with my mom. Not that it's illegal but we just don't. We are the 'daughter' & 'mother' and not the 'best friends' type. So yeah, you can see where this lies at.

So I thought since I can't tell her face to face with both us HIGHLY, LIKELY to just close one eye and pretend it never happened. I would write her a blog letter here. I'm not going to tell her I did but I think it's good enough (:

Dear Mummy,

Happy Mother's Day! I really don't know what to give you this Mother's Day. I know you like those tiny pendant necklaces but I don't have the money. Yet. So I thought of something else that you want. Not gifts but maybe, from your children?

I know I'm not the perfect daughter. I can't iron the clothes to free-wrinkles, I can't do all the chores for you, I can't be the best student in the entire school who scores A's for every subject like how a few geniuses do it, I can't follow all the rules you set.

But I hold my tongue from saying hurtful words, instead I say, "Yes, Mummy." I don't smoke or skip school like how some other kids do it, not because only I'm afraid of getting into hot soup but I know you'll be disappointed. I study as hard as I can, I can't get ALL 10 A+ for my SPM, I know where I stand but I promise you I'll give the best that I ever had so I'll get to hear you say: I know you gave your best.

Though, I get annoyed with your sudden mood swings and tempers that drives me up the wall and when you scold me and not letting me defend myself. I'll go up to my room, shut the door for an hour before I come down back and act as if nothing happened. But I guess all moms are like that, right? Maybe someday I'll understand it and I'll be acting like you too.

I remember once when I was 9 years old and I had to memorize the times table (2x2=4) and I couldn't get it right. You made me stay with you up to 3 am, making sure I memorize perfectly without any flaw. You smack my hand with a ruler whenever I got it wrong. It was hell back then, I cried. I didn't know why you were doing this to me.

But after that, I could do my times for maths perfectly. I didn't need to count one by one or scratch my head during exam. It's already in my head until now. Some are still having trouble remembering their times table but because of you, I can sigh in deep relief.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I know that you love me and I do love you back. Even though I cause most of the troubles in the family, I think that you went through the same thing too. So, thank you, mummy for bringing me into this world and for all the things you done and given me. Thank you for caring me under all circumstances, soon it'll be the reverse order ;)

Love Truly,

your daughter,

Qamarina xoxo


Anonymous said...

Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

Huda Merchant said...

Aww :)

Anonymous said...

sweeeeeet.. :D

Chocolatelover said...

Hope you have a great mother's day, i did :)bobo