Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rush! Rush! Rush!

Yea. I'm blogging.

So I'm not going to school tomorrow. Lazy. Tired. Plus, teachers aren't teaching in school since next week which is 18th May until 3rd of June, I'll be having my mid year exams! *faints* I'm not sure how am I gonna survive that long cause honestly, 2 to 3 exam papers daily will kill me. Literally.

Oh Mother of God, the only subject I really like and can do without a fuss is History. I know, how often do you hear students saying: I Love History! UGH, I hate hate hate hate Biology, Chemistry and ADD MATHS. Like, what the heck are you talking about? I mean, seriously, Formation of Urine? The basics is fine but getting down to the deep core facts and decorate it into some maze with 'colourful' terms is really not digesting in my brain.

I hate this kind of exams. When I mean, this 'kind', I mean instead of bombarding us with ALL 4 exams in fixed terms that will make us go bonkers...why can't they instead give weekly quizzes or short tests and assignments to be counted as marks? From my point of view, getting all 90% above in academics doesn't make you successful.

Well yeah. Some of you might argue with me but honestly, academic based exams. You just have to memorize, get the formula right, read the textbooks and WRITE THE ANSWERS. As long as the answer is matched with the marking scheme for the teachers, it's right. Don't talk, writeeeeee. Plus, these 4 termed exams are really depressing. If we get short tests every week, everyone will be studying everyday and it'll so really reduce stress.

I never liked exam fever.
Everyone has this mood and mask on. Including me.

Okay. I need a distraction.

I'm turning seventeen on the 25th of May
Graduate. Driving License. College.
YES, babey!

My guy friend was like: I used to think 17 was something but now it's nothing. What do you mean NOTHING? It's our senior year, we are SENIORS. Ruling part of the school and well, get heat up by end of the year but soon, we are freeeee!!!

OHMYGOD. And PROM! I've waited for nearly my whole life for that moment. I really can't wait! Pick out the dress with my girlfriends, go hairdo, nails done, make up done; everything done, done. We have sketched and visualized our prom dresses. It was so much fun! Sigh, I really can't wait cause that is the BIGGEST turning point of every senior when they graduate :)

This is the type of prom dress I want. But I want it in BLACK ;) I like one shoulder dress, I think it's super duper nice.

Wow, seems like I have a lot to do and a lot more to come. Some may say why rush? It's still a long way. If you're one of those, you really don't know the time of life. Look at me, I'm turning 17 soon and honestly, looking back I can't really remember being 7 years old. Next thing I know, I'll be behind the desk, working as my dad is now.

But after SPM, I want things to slow down a little. I want to drive around town with my friends, shop and hang out before everyone move on to their own paths. Some going to overseas and different colleges. And I want to study overseas! So far, California and Florida tops my list :) But there's only hope right now. It cost money.
Money, money, money.
Without it, the world would stop rotating.

Bummers. It's 11.40 pm. Have to wake up at 7am to revise for exams. No stress beats the stress of a student's life. Good night, folks


p.s. will be returning after 3rd of June :) wish me luck!


Thousif Raza said...

good luck :).... wow so much is gonna happen in your life,..... i am so happy for you yaa... awesome, xams will be going on girl... have fun..... wish i could wish you in person :).... but nonetheless... have awesome fun and then share it with all of us... so that we can live the experiance tooo :)

take care and keep writing............

QM said...

yes, so much is happening! :D Am pretty excited yet very nervous with what's coming up.

I bet it'll be awesome to meet you, my blogger buddy :D

I sure will share it with all of you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good luck.. and happy birthday in advance.. :D

viddhi said...

heyy....u r blog is soo sweet and nice,,,

and u love history hun ... !!:)

nice too see ur blog ... !

keep smiling keep blogging.. ! :)

A. K. said...

how are you...

Anonymous said...


QM said...

Thank you, Viddhi (:

@A.K. I'm doing great! How are you?