Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tennis Players vs. Football Players

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I love him. I love him. I love him.

I'm watching Nadal playing against Gulbis in the semi-final. They are playing in Rome. I want to go there someday. ARGH, this Gulbis guy is good, though he's a new face but he beat Roger Federer! :O

NOOOOOO, Nadal, you must win! Please honey, I want you in the finals!

Yes. You read the title. Tennis players or footballers? I know most girls would be screaming 'FOOTBALLERS'!, hey, so would the boys. I like football, I'm a Manchester United fan :D But I'm not as eager or anxious when I watch a football match compared to a tennis game. I guess it has got to do with the one man show thing.

Honestly, tennis players to me, have the better qualities overall. Okay, so not ALL of them are drop dead gorgeous but they are all fit and charismatic. We don't see them ogling in clubs, like some drunk bastards in which many footballers are famous for. Plus I think the income of a tennis player sounds very much reasonable compared to a football player.

Not to mention the fiery headache of clubs fighting over a football player like Cristiano Ronaldo that time. Here's whispering this much of $$$ while the other side is offering another much of $$$. Not that I don't like football but I prefer the one man show kind of game where there's one coach, one player, one country. There - simple as that.

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awwwwww man, this tennis match tonight is pretty tough.Well, REALLY tough. I'm praying he wins this! LOL, it's obvious, isn't it that I love tennis players? I love tennis players. When they hit the ball with their rackets, it's like WHOA. Hot-ness flying through.

And they're like super TALL - HOMG and their girlfriends are all models. Not the hot ones like the footballer's girlfriends but the real beauty. That leaves me no chance :O I'm so mesmerized when they (especially Nadal) plays tennis, it's like watching them modeling. HAHAHAH. Yes. I love Nadal. Love him, love him, love him.

I want to meet Rafael Nadal :(( I gotta admit, I was HIGHLY influenced by my grandma. She's tennis player, yes, I know- her age; she's 64 years old. Still playing :D She's a HUGE fan of Nadal. LMAO, I think you know why by now. I understand the tennis game better than any sports game! And I think it's adorable when they let out their strains when they're playing. You would understand if you watch tennis (:

Tokio Hotel is in town here tonight performing! I like them, they're somewhat different. SIGH, I can't go, no tickets ;( Ah well, I guess I'll have my turn. SOON. I never been to a concert except for the Mamma Mia The Musical but it's not exactly a concert.

Nooooooooooooo, my Nadal is going down the hill. I have to cheer him on! Yeah yeah, he's in Rome but that's what the TV is for, right? I wish you all a fabulous weekend, XOXO

p.s. Iron Man 2 was REALLY AWESOME. You have to watch it!

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Thousif Raza said...

i love Tokio hotel too :) and yeah tennis guys are much hotter believe me... just as much as the girl (*wink* *wink*) ;)

take care and keep writing........