Sunday, June 6, 2010

Don't Tell Me To Stop Cause I Can't

Actually, I quite like the taste of tears. Well, not as much as I used to when I was a kid. Back then, I presumed that tears were like know, tap water; just that it had this salty taste. I know, how awesome. Our bodies actually have a pair of tanks filled with tap water.

Tears usually flow from sadness. There is tears for happiness but have to admit, sadness, sorrow, disappointment always have the stronger impact on us. I cry, you cry, he cries, she cries, they cry, we cry - who doesn't cry?

It comes to a point where we keep hearing this infamous quote: 'Stop crying already! Don't a bit, a bit, you wanna cry.' Well, that's the line that is used often here and yes, maybe at times we'll be thinking: 'Why the heck are you crying over that for?' We can't just judge people from things that are linked to them...but sigh, humans are very judgmental beings.

Hasn't it cross your mind that I cry because it makes me feel better? I cry because for once and for all, I can let it out and finally go back to sleep? I never liked people who keeps saying, STOP CRYING, IT'S NOT GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING or STOP CRYING, __________. Okay, duhh, I know, I'm not naive. I know what's done is done but crying is the only thing I can do at that moment.

'When you're happy, people will cheer with you; when you're sad, people will back against you'. Have you ever heard someone saying, STOP BEING HAPPY, DON'T A BIT, A BIT, YOU WANNA BE HAPPY. If anyone says that, it might just be another epic failed movie line. But I guess people prefer the feeling of joy and happiness more and when someone cries or is feeling down, most would tend to back down or simply ignore it.

I don't usually like these people but most of them do without even realizing it and well, I'm not the type who goes up to someone and say, 'You're being a bitch' but just got to accept some people just can't reach the expectations we put for. I know when someone is feeling down or sad and especially fakes to be happy while others don't so in the end, I'm the ears to everyone but I'm my own ears to myself.

Because sometimes some feelings just have to be act out. If someone you know wants to cry, let them CRY as loud and long as they want - then, they'll fall asleep (crying makes you sleepy) and once they wake up, they would definitely feel much better. Never tell someone to stop crying, it's like another way to say 'I don't care about how you feel. Just stop crying, it's annoying'.

Usually when someone cries, I just stand by their side and wait. Once they have enough, I give them a tissue, hug them and say 'smile'. LOL, don't ever talk and babble on asking what's wrong, this, that cause honestly, crying is already an emotional breakdown.

So let's not tell someone to Stop Crying, shall we?
Instead, let's say Cry With All Your Heart Out :)

Goodnight, lunatics !



Disguise said...

Well, sometimes you can't control them right? They just come out. :)
Crying helps, you know? In a very weird way but it does.
Great post, sweetie!

QM said...

@Disguise: Yeahh, it does! :D

Thousif Raza said...

that's some very good advice.... i am gonna advice it to myself, and many of my frenz....

i agree qm, crying really helps, but for a really loved one, its hard to say sometimes..., nice post though :)