Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Smokin' Hot

OMG. I mean, this had been in the news lately but I never watched the video until today and....I can't believe this is happening. 18 months old and smoking 40 cigarettes per day :O Even those rebel kids at my school aren't overdose.

Sad, maybe scary but it's true. It's shocking really to see and hear the dad say, 'My son is healthy'. Yeah, well, on the outside! Imagine the image of his lungs :( I heard the authorities are getting down to action and if the parents are guilty, they would be charge under Child Abuse.

Poor child :( If he doesn't get his nicotine(cigarette), they said, he would bang his head against the wall, demanding for it. I WILL NEVER, EVER SMOKE. I took a few sips once (parent's cigarette), heyyy, I was curious - like why is it almost everyone smokes? And ewwww, it sucks! I hate that feeling of smoke at my throat and the taste of it.

It's freaking tastelessly horrible.

But I'm still so curious, why do people still smoke? I mean, every single human on this earth know about the effects on smoking but cigarettes companies are still making millions from the demands on most people. So I did some research and found out that most smokers are 18 to 35 years old and new smokers are about the age of 13.

So Why Do They Smoke If They Know It's Bad?

~ Nicotine: Like the child in the above video, he has got addicted to it. Nicotine. Like how an alcoholic can't stray away from his alcohol. It is nicotine that chain up these people to keep coming back for more.

~ Peer Pressure: This is the top reason for teens to smoke. They see their friends doing it and they want to do it because they want to feel accepted. As old as this may sound, it is true. I've seen some people doing it, it's worse than you think.

~ Cause It's Cool Like That: Seriously? Smoking is cool? Smoking which leads you to your death is cool? Getting lung, mouth cancer is cool? How cool will you be once you get the news you got a few months or days to live?

~ Depression: The world is getting more competitive by day. Money rates drop down, economy goes haywire, wars are everywhere...They just think smoking relaxes them but in reality, smoking cuts down your oxygen supply, thus making you feel light headed and so called at ease.

~ I Need To Lose Weight: Ladies, smoking do not make you thinner. There's no such thing, 'If I quit smoking, I gain my 30 pounds back.' There are overweight people who smoke and trust me, they look worse than before.

For whatever the reasons are, quit smoking. It's easy to start smoking but it's hard to quit - I know. But there's also reasons why you must stop smoking too. For a better health, better life, better environment for your family, better world?

I, for one, hate the smell of cigarettes. It's a turn off. Usually if I can't avoid it, I hold my breath and quickly run into somewhere and BREATHEEEEE again. Dramatic much? I just hate the smell, it gives out that really unpleasant odor.

Speaking of unpleasant, the term break has started! :D YEAYY - 2 freaking weeks of pleasure! Sigh, I have to spend more time on debate practice, there's a zone competition after the holidays. Aiming to win! Yeahh, extremely tough but we think we can if we really do our best.

Have a great weekend!



rory said...

The kid smokes like an old man.

A. K. said...

I have seen this video before and its horrifying! This is a very cool post. Seriously, loved reading it.

Unfortunately, am also a smoker but fortunately i have joined a program which is helping me quit this disgusting and deadly habit.

QM said...

@Ina: I knowwww, kan? Like wtf?!

@A.K.: Thank you(: It's horrifying, indeed! Good for you:D I hope it all works well for you, good job!

廷伸廷伸 said...

Where theres a will theres a way. ............................................................