Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Logically, You're Wrong

Those are my friends. Those are their nail polish. That is my hair.

I hanged out at my friend's house after tuition. We painted our nails, gossip, bitched, and cam-whoring :D Hahaha, it was fun, we had a blast especially when I had to order pizza. I had to put up an accent while ordering. It's a tradition that we do.

I put up some nerdy Chinese accent since well, I am half Chinese and I could actually do it. LMAO. I nearly died doing it :P


Pizza Woman: What type of pizzas you want, ma'am?

Me: Chicken Pepperoni and Classified Chicken.

Pizza Woman: So all Chicken Pepperoni?

Me: (changing to Frenchie accent) Nonononono, Chicken Pepperoni and CLASSIFIED Chicken....CLAAA-SII-FF-II-EE-DDD Chicken.

(my friends dropped out and ran away, so when they laughed, I can't see them)

Pizza Woman: Okay, the total is -

Me: (Chinese accent) What?! I still more orders! More orders!

Pizza Woman: Ohh...(starts laughing)...Sorry...(hahhhaa) ... there's more?

Me: Oh yes. Definitely.

(Before I hang up)

Pizza Woman: Your delivery will arrive in 30 minutes. Any later, you'll get a free pizza coupon.

Me: Quick, quick! Send them already. I'm very hungryyyy. *cuts the line*


sighh, if only I recorded it but I don't think I can do it again without laughing! That's just a small part of it, there's more but it'll be tooooo long.

* * *

Now that we're passed that, I want to talk about something else that I found quite amusing. Can you define and conclude "love" LOGICALLY? You know, like how we all do experiments in schools before. First, there's a problem statement. Then, hypothesis....blah blah blah and lastly, conclusion.

Because some people actually do that. Not literally but indirectly, you know? It's like they crack their skulls open and try to solve "love" related issues especially relationships as though it's some equation or a puzzle.

I was so DUMBFOUNDED. Really. I mean, logically? Really? DUH. I love you, you love me; muah! Happy Ending.

But to defined "love" logically, I don't believe it. Love is the only word that can be defined in your own dictionary. I opened Oxford Dictionary and looked under 'love', nothing of the explanation seemed to be coherent. It's not a maths equation where you have the 'x' and 'y' flying around and you have to simplify it. You don't need to simplify love.

It's not a political issue where you have to rise the rights and wrongs about love. Like seriously? You just can't change it. It's there, in there in all of us. Yes, you broke your heart, it's painful and I believe those who try to conclude love logically is just putting a sheet of cover over the wound. Sigh, my dears, it's okay to cry and break down for one whole week and so what if you're a Simon Cowell or Hilary Clinton? Ego can kill you at times.

I went through that path once. I thought she was my best friend. It hurt so much. I tried to think of ALL logical things I could like WHY, HOW, WHEN, WHAT, WHO but then I realized, it's just like that. So I went down with an emotional trauma for a while but with the faith I still have and my good friends, I moved on but I never forget it.

And no, I didn't come up with any conclusions or definition of best friends or whatsoever. I don't want to spend the rest of my life ticking the 'you-have-to-meet-these-criteria' list, then I'll make you my best friend. I guess, we all have to fall and break and weep; then only we could fly higher, this time more aware of where the wind takes us.

But we, humans are always afraid on taking chances. Heck, just do it! If you fail, don't worry. Buckle up and strive again until you get it!

Love's not always black and white,
my dear friend once said.

Ohh it isn't, she is so right. It's more than just the certificate marriage and vows that people take.

So, just take a chance and stay on the roller coaster :)

You never know what you'll get!


Huda Merchant said...

Logically, I really really really LIKED this post of yours.

And, I have said this before i guess, but I'll say it again, I so LOVE your blog :)

oRange* said...

Rambut anda VERY bagus! :D

I know a bit of bahasa. Did i get that right? :P
And yeah, nice blog! I like

QM said...

@Huda: THANK YOU :DD I love your blog too!

@oRange*: HAHHA, yes! You just mentioned "hair" and "very good"!
lolll, where did you learn?
Thank you!

oRange* said...

Yayy :)
I stayed in Jakarta for 10 years!

QM said...

@oRange*: WOW! That's a really long time! I've been there once :)
Have you been to M'sia?

Thousif Raza said...

love alll three photos..... looooooove the hair.... have always fun qm... you rock :)

take care and keep writing.........