Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soccer...NO! It's FOOTBALL

World Cup is BACK :D Football crazy is back! I'm rooting for Argentina and Japan for Asia. Who are you guys rooting for? As much as I like EPL but for England to draw against the USA is just so W-T-F moment especially that ball which slipped out from the England's goalkeeper's hand and let USA seal the deal.


But honestly, the World Cup atmosphere in South Africa is nothing compared to the EPL crowds who sings, drums and shout. All I hear from the South Africa's crowds were buzzing of loud horns. ALL THE WAY TIL THE MATCH END. Pay close attention and you'll hear behind the speaker's voice, there goes "BUZZZZZ.....BUZZZZZ.....BUZZZZ..." Like literally, no pausing and so on.

Maybe I'm so used to the shouts and cheers when I watch EPL matches that I get flat tuned out with the same flat tone buzzing sound that is playing at the World Cup.

Wait. Are you guys watching the World Cup? Cause I know some people who DON'T watch the World Cup and honestly, I don't even understand whyyyyy! My aunt said: "Seeing a bunch of men running in shorts, chasing after one ball to be put in the net."

Any football fan, don't even bother to argue on that. Don't even have the thought of winning a debate over that cause as much as we love football, that is as how much they hate football. Usually I just say, "I like watching football" and shut my ears out. We cheer louder when a goal is scored and they scowled louder when we do that.

Basically, it's nearly 1 am here, I don't know what to write anymore. I'm sick, just took 4 medications which 2 of them make me drowsy and it's hitting on me now. Might be my latest 'that-is-all-you-have-to-write' post but it's the best I can do.

One more week of holidays. I'm pretty sure I'll come up with something :)

Goodnight, peeps! XOXO


Disguise said...

I know right? It's not SOCCCER, you idiots. It's football :D
Oh and I'm rooting for Argentina cause apparently they have kick ass players. I don't care about football, so I know nothing about it. See, at least I'm honest!

Thousif Raza said...

its on .... i dont like football much, but the songs that accompany in the stadium are always cool, so i watch the matches anyway ;).....have extreme fun, and i just heard mtv world stage is back in malaysia :).... so hope to see some photos here... and i tried to friend you in facebook, but its locked... help me out :)

take care and keep writing..........

A. K. said...

You are right, its football not soccer... I haven't missed a single match till now. Am so happy that my favorite team, 'Germany' played a killer match last night..

BTW who s your favorite team??

QM said...

@Disguise: HAHAHAH, so trueee. Argentina, babeh!

QM said...

@Thousif: How can you not like football?? LOL, sigh, maybe I just love the game too much.

MTV world stage Msia? lolll, I didnt attend it at all :) But maybe I can take it from the internet.

Ohhh, it's my privacy. Gimme your FB link & I'll add you!

QM said...

@A.K. : OMG, Germany totally kicked Australia's butts! 4-0 ! HAHAHAH, it was awesomeeee

Argentina won their 1st match :DD And Japan won tonight! 1 - 0 over Cameroon! YIPEE

Staying up tomorrow night, 2.30 am for North Korea vs. Brazil :DD