Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hey there, I'm back and I literally had one of the worst day of my life since God knows. I don't feel like going into detail, much of blogging it though I'm pretty sure you all want to know what happened. But it's really that horrible that I wished not to ever acknowledge of it anymore. Let's just say...I had to hold my tears and brave up in school; by the moment I reached home, I rushed to the shower to bathe and cried.

Crying does make you feel better. Let it all out and sleep for a few hours.

OMG, it was fucking horrible, okay. Don't you hate it when people can't talk to you nicely or even show respect to you? Fine, you have some grudge and issues with me but hey, I have a mouth and ears too. Let me say my side and I'll listen to yours. I'm a human just as you are, have some respect and don't use those vulgar languages(you can't imagine it).

I was hurt. I was shocked. I was angry. But most of all, I felt sorry. Not to myself but to them. Many of those I thought and called friends seemed to be strangers now but there are a few whom I expected more, though they proved me wrong. I was more than hurt, I felt betrayed. But maybe those are the type of friends who will be there when you're smiling and having that rainbow over your head only. But I soon come to ease as it's not the first time I came across this type of friends, moreover I have true friends who stood by me and care to listen without doubting me.

Respect is another issue. If you can't respect yourself or others, please do not expect people to respect you. Simple as that. Maybe some people would close one eye when they see someone disrespecting others but to me, that's worst humiliation anyone can ever get. Especially when it is a men disrespecting a girl, honestly, how low can you go? Men should never hit women. Men should never abuse women, physically or verbally. Not that women can do that to men but living in this current world, I assume you all know what's going on.

So yeah. I had a fucked up day. Really, really fucked up day. Worse, the person whom I needed the most during that time, wasn't there. FML man. But you know what, I'm still living, I'll get through this, eventually. I'm better off without them. Just ignore them and live life to the fullest.

My conclusion: Maybe God throws all these FML moments to spice up our lives. I mean, who likes to live a dull life. Right?

P.S. Yeah, maybe I'm just trying to make myself to feel better. LOL


A. K. said...

Looks like you really had a tough day! Wishing that everything will just turn out fine. This may sound a bit harsh right now just these are the experiences through which we learn about life, learn how to deal with people and learn who really are our friends and who can stand beside us no matter what!

Huda Merchant said...

Hope you're all good IsA :)

Life is unpredictable and shit happens. We all deal with it. Take care hun :)

QM said...

@A.K. - Haha, I did! No, it's not harsh...I agree with you. It was a shit experience, though I may say, lol. Yeap, but out of it, I get to learn too :)

QM said...

@Huda: A whole load of shits alright. HAHAHA. Thanks :)

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Ann said...

Yeah.. Sometimes, situations become very tough. Even the best of our friends prove us wrong..But such is life. So, Move on and make new friends.. As they say, when God closes one door, he opens other doors.. :) So, cheer up and enjoy life as it comes

QM said...

@Ann: Thank you:) I learn to be optimistic and believe that everything happens for a reason.