Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Like It,

I have been having 2 bad mood days in a row. I don't know why. I feel depressed, miserable and upset. No, I'm not cutting myself but I feel like I'm drowning myself.

So I've come up with this list of 'what I like' to make me feel better. It's very random and since writing out things make me feel better, I shall do it!

I like chocolates, though it makes me fat.
I like green eyes people, so hot 8O
I like you, yes you.
I like to wear the colour green.
I like quotes, they are awesome.
I like Westlife, they are even awesome.
I like girls.
I like boys too.
I like cursive writings, I think it's beautiful.
I like beaches and nature, MORE beautiful.
I like the fact that I cross your mind <3
I like when you start the talk first.
I like when people say 'How's life' cause honestly, I have no idea.
I like Adam Lambert a lot.
I like Bill Klaulitz a lot lot.
I like Chace Crawford a lot lot lot.
I like my iPod Touch and laptop.
I like the way you tease, I never get annoyed.
I like hard cover books!
I like reading.
I like shopping, all girls do :)
I like my girlfriends, they're all parts of me.
I like my parents, though they annoy me 99.999999% of the time.
I like to blog :D
I like when you call me that, it made me smile the whole day.
I like British accents.
I like candies, Imma sweet tooth.
I like rainbows and clouds, they look so happy.
I like sun dresses, they look happy too.
I like to talk to you, you make me smile.
I like to be with you, would you let me?
I like to call people 'sweetheart', I like that calling name.
I like to google for vintage photography.
I like to imagine where would I end up in a few years.
I like to say that I love you if I could.

I like the fact you are reading this :)


Gautam said...

I like that you like so many things!! :)
Have a wonderful day and forget all your lows today!! Take care :)

QM said...

Hahaha, thanks! :D

Ann said...

Quite a long list Babe! But interesting... Keep Posting...

Anonymous said...