Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keep The Dreams Alive




You know what I feel like doing right now? I feel like leaving everything behind and travel the world. Yes, travel this amazing world called Earth. I would love to travel to places that have beaches and beautiful scenaries like Ireland. Yes, Ireland! I've been craving to go to Ireland since young!

Why? Hahaha, I love that band, Westlife (don't you dare bash them, I grew up with them) and when I learn that they are Irish, I was like I love Ireland! HAHA, well I was young back then but now, seeing the photos online and the movie 'Leap Year', plus my friend went to Ireland for a month! And gagagaga, it's so freaking beautiful. The scenaries there are just breathtakingly awesome.

I mean, I do like cities like shopping and malls and Starbucks but I would go for nature any day :') I love cottages, old roads, rocks, beaches, simple roads...I like simple things. I don't need grand things in order to keep me happy. Sure I would love fancy dresses but at the end, I just want to sit back and relax as I enjoy a simple life. Get good grades, enter college, travel the world, marry my perfect guy, settle down and yeaaahh...hahaha, don't lie, we all do it - a scoop into the future.

isn't it prettyyyyy!

People keep saying DREAM BIG! but what if I don't want to dream big? What if I want to dream small? You know, I just want a simple dream and not those deep dream. Does that mean I have to aim to become a President to call that dream big? What if my dream is to be happy everyday and be with the one I love - is that dream big or does that considered small?

It had me thinking, we all have different dreams that lead us to different paths. Where we would each experience different things, bump into different people and conclude different conclusions but in the end, we all do have dreams ;)

Right now, I'm content with my life. I am happy with what I have now but it hasn't reach that bar of what I'm aiming at...hey, it needs time, haha. I just hope things get better in my life from now and heading to the directions I want. Pray, pray, pray and HOPE. I hate to get my hopes down, I really do hate it cause it really shatters me. I have one really BIG HOPE I'm holding onto now, I HOPE it won't go down. Pray and hope for me, will ya?

Crap, I haven't done my Biology reports yet. Need to hand them by tomorrow! UGH, I hate Mondays, don't you? I love weekends :'( Have a great Monday, people!


Gautam said...

Everytime my flight has a connection through Europe and whenever it lands there; you can actually see how visibly different and more beautiful the whole Europe is over other places! I have a similar dream for a big European holiday!!
Hoping all your dreams come true..have a great week!! :)

Anonymous said...


A. K. said...

Traveling is an experience that can't be expressed by words. I love laid back villages, beaches more than big cities because that's where you get to savor the history, tradition and culture of that place first hand.

Am also dying to visit Norway because Am a big fan of Black Metal and that's where it all started!

Huda Merchant said...

I wanna travel this entire eartthh :D :D And I love love love love westlife. People call them gay :S But i love their songs :D EPIC.

Thousif Raza said...

that is so true Qm... dream is not big or small... dreams are what makes us happy... and you dream makes you happy... when i look at that photo... man i luv that place... my fav band too is from that place... The Script :)

i hope all your dreams come true :) heartfelt wishes :)

take care and keep writing..........