Friday, July 16, 2010

Military, anyone?


The results are out! I'm not talking about exams. I'm talking about the National Service! It is a 3 months military like camp for form 5 students after SPM but only the chosen ones.

I sent the sms to check whether I'm chosen or not and I got a reply: HARAP MAAF, anda tidak dipilih untuk menyertai KUMP 3 siri 08/2011 PLKN. (Translation: Sorry but you're not chosen for the 3rd batch to join the 8th National Service 2011). Which means, I STILL HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING INTO THE 1st or 2nd batch! ARGHHHH!!

Well, some of them say that National Service or better known as NS is actually not that bad. During that 3 months, you'll be facing this all sort of military trainings, torture, cold showers, ragging (shit man) and all those stuff.

Most of my friends got chosen so I'm doubtful about should I go or not. I mean, it's once in a lifetime experience so it's kinda urging for me to go but seriously, military style camp for 3 months?

I had my plans worked out about what I want to do after SPM. Get a job, work and earn money while waiting for colleges to take in students. Have fun with my friends, shop, laugh, movie marathons and so much more :D But I guess life isn't really meant for us to planned out. It just comes in and gives you one big rock which you don't know what to do with it.

You guys can google up the interent about this National Service or just type in 'Khidmat Negara' if you still can't really understand since some of you are not from Malaysia :) My seniors told me it's HELL for the first few weeks, TORTURE in the middle and FUN at the last 2 weeks. FML man.

Wake up 5:30 in the morning and sleep by 1 or 2 :/ This is my problem, I love to sleep too much. And cold showers! ARGH! Soooo not my cup of tea man :( Buttttt it sounds so much fun...though it's like torture fun. Lol, these are some pics I found and FYI, all the officers are retired army corporals so, they are like tough tough. No joke, seriously -_-

This sucks man.


A. K. said...

You are lucky that you did not get selected this time. Keep your fingers crossed. But looking it from an adventurous side, don't you think it would be like a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something very different.

It may be hell, but i think you will have fun at the same time.

Anonymous said...


AQ said...

Nerve-wracking, isn't it? Waiting for the list. How did Alliya & Lina react when they found out they had been selected?

QM said...

@A.K. - I didn't get in but I gotta admit, I did somehow wished I was chosen. Sigh. But the govt didn't pick me :(

QM said...

@AQ: Hahahha, yeahhh. I finally got it after one day. I didn't get in. LOL, they were down but at least they have each other :)

Gautam said...

All the routine that you described..I will be dead in two days!! :) If you do get selected, do share your experiences though..
Nice blog u have! :)
Have a good weekend!!

QM said...

@Gautum: HAHA, sure will! But I'm afraid at the same time. Thanks :D