Friday, July 30, 2010


It's Freaking Friday! YEAYY! Ohh, how I love Fridays :) Don't you? I mean, it's like the last weekday of every week and the next day is Saturday. I don't have to do any homework today because I don't have school tomorrow. Ah, peace. Ohmmm...ohhhmmmm....

I have the best of friends anyone could ever ask for. Since the first time I moved here, which means I have been staying here for a good 3 years, my friends and I, we never fought :) Seriously. We might have pick on little stuff but it was more of the type of petty things we all do with our siblings. We never fought over a guy, we never back-stab, we never cheated on each other, we never had cat fights with each other - I don't want to jinx this at all but it just feels so great knowing I have true, best friends like them. Knowing that no matter what, they'll stick by my side.

I LOVE YOU, babes! I love you all from your heads to your toes!
I hope in 30 years time, when we look back, we'll still be as tight knitted as we are now <3

I am so looking forward this weekend. Why? Well, weekends are usually the days where things happened and no routines are involved! I hate routines. That's why I hate school most of the time - sit in class the WHOLE day, waiting for the teachers to enter and open the book and get quarantine in the class for half of the day!

I want to travel the world! Go backpacking for Euro Trip with my girlfriends. Explore the real world, learn different stuff. Be surprised, fall in love, fall from the sky - hit the ground, get back up and say, 'I'm gonna fly that sky!'

OHMYGAWD. I just love it when people make me laugh! There's this person who never fails to make me laugh whenever we're talking. It just gives me this light feeling. You make everything around me at the moment happy :) THANK YOU. You're one in a million.

Technically, I just love people who makes me laugh.
Heck, I must love a LOT of people then


A. K. said...

Am also a drummer and , That's a neat drum kit... You have some really awesome frens. Hell yeah, Weekend is here.. Have fun!

QM said...

I'm not a drummer :P Hahaha, I was just hitting it, lol! But I like drums, I wish I knew how to play it.

It's not mine, it's the school choir's drums :)

Thanks! You have fun too :)

A. K. said...

You should totally learn how to play drums.. You look good with the kit. Seriously!
Drum is not that tough to learn, you should totally give it a shoot

QM said...

I will do when I get the chance! Planning to do after my big exam, which ends in Dec only :/

Haha, thanks :D Yeaapp, it wasn't tough at all. In fact, it feels great to drum. Unleashing all the energy!

Gautam said...

What's life without awesome friends!! I have some really good childhood friends with whom it's much difficult to be in contact as frequently as before but every time we all manage to get together, we all can feel that special feeling that can liven up the worst of days!! :) :)

Njoy ur Sunday!! :)

QM said...

Yupp, true that! It's pretty awesome to have friends you know you can count on, no matter what :)

Thousif Raza said...

those are some really cool pics... awesome :)... keep rocking yo :P

take care and keep writing...........