Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Dumping

What would you do if you managed
to catch these people doing this?

Baby dumping are on the rise in Malaysia, seriously! Like flooding. Just last night, my friend was passing by at a place and she saw policemen surrounded something on a ground. It was BABY! Someone DUMPED a baby like he or she was just some trash. Even Barbie dolls are being treated better.

We were all so DISGUSTED and felt so ANGRY when we heard that. Who in the right mind would such a horrible, hideous act?

Mostly are these teens or college students, they have unprotected sex and when the girl finds out she's pregnant...BIG PROBLEM. Abortion is illegal in Malaysia unless it involves the safety of the mother and the unborn child. Some of them would go for abortions but some would just have their babies and...throw them away. Like WTH man.

Why can't they just put their babies at some shelters? Why throw them into rubbish cans? Why hang them in paper bags at the billboards? Why flush them down the toilets? That's murder! How can you kill your own baby! Kill your own child, for cryin' out loud. If a newborn baby could speak, that will be the death of you.

A lot of issues have been brought up in the media and the government to overcome this serious social problem. One of it is sex education. As usual, some say yes, some say no. Some say parents should be teaching, not in school; others say, parents don't even teach at home. Both sides have their points but when you weigh it properly, it's kinda obvious.

Yes to Sex Education.

Asian parents are very conservative about sex. They don't teach their kids about sex. My parents never taught be about sex, they avoid it at all cost. Same goes to all my friends. So where do we learn from? Simple, books and magazines. Mostly, books. Storybooks. To be honest, I didn't know what the fuck I was reading at first! LMAO.

My parents would be so surprised on what I know now, HAHA.

Parents don't teach, children get curious. They treat sex as a taboo subject. So when kids get older, they get wilder and keen to explore. When they have sex, all they think at that moment is fun and love. When the girl says 'I'm pregnant', either the boy leaves or kill the baby. So teach sex education in school!

Lastly, if you still really want to have sex - WEAR A CONDOM! Sheesh.

But please just stop with the baby dumping, please. Give them up for adoption. There are SO MANY childless couples out there who are willing to do or give anything to have children. Let somebody who is capable to look after your baby, give them a chance.

Babies are innocent. What wrong did they do to you? Nobody is wrong for being born into this world. Babies deserve to live.

Do the right thing, don't be a murderer.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interview with a Psychologist

My friends and I were interviewed by a psychologist. No, we aren't troubled kids or anything. It's this career test we took up in school and our school counselor is a certified psychologist who interviewed us. It was cool but quite awkward at first.

There were 4 of us and he nailed our personalities on the dot without us saying or doing anything except for him, asking questions. Most of the time, we burst out laughing cause he managed to scrap out those little secrets that only 4 of us knew. Well, he didn't get the full story but he did sense that he got something.

I'm not gonna reveal any of my friends's interviews. I don't think it would be nice :)

So here's mine. Well, part of it of what I can recall.

P: "When were you born?"

Q: "25/5/1993"

P: "You're supposed to like travelling a lot. Do you?"

Q: "Yes, I like it a lot."

P: "What's your favourite colour?"

Q: "Green."

P: "Number 7...(he was using numerology :O)"

Q: "What?"

P: "You need to communicate with the entire world. You have the urge to connect with the whole universe. Number 7 people are all like that. Do you know what's 7 stands for?""

Q: "Nooo...." (We were all lost at first but soon, we got it)

P: "7 days a week, 7 rainbow colours, the 7 oceans. Do you understand what I mean now?"

He missed out the 7 wonders of the world!!

P: "You're a hot tempered person. Get angry easily."

Q: (HOMG) "Yes."

Not many people know that. He looked at me which I presume was studying me before making that statement.

P: "You're the type of person who can't stand being lectured or hearing lectures. You hate lectures. You can tip off quickly. You can't be bound by rules or boundaries. You need to get out or break every rule there is. And that's why you can't get along with conventional typed of people."

P: "You like being alone, don't you?"

Q: "Alone?"

P: "I'd say 70% alone, 30% with friends. Or issit 60%, 40%?"

It took my friend to explain to me why he said that since I told that I spend a lot of time with my friends.

My friend said, 'When you're with us, sometimes, you space you're here with us but you're not really here with us. It's like shutting yourself out from the world, being alone but still sitting with us.'

But I'm no EMO!

Lastly, after all the took nearly 3 to 4 hours! We were so tired and exhausted, mentally. Honestly, we were feeling like that. We didn't quite sure know why. My friends ended up with best careers choices for them like Mass Com, Business and Bakery.

I got Psychology. Wooo hoooo!

I love writing and all, and debating. But psychology had always interest me in a way like never before.

He told us to do a research about the careers he gave us, just to google about it and understand it. He told me I could study Psychology and specialized in Pediatrician for Children or Adolescents. But there are other specialization for Psychology too.

My results of searching and googling are these:

4 years of college
4 years of medic school
3 years of an internship and residency

and freaking expensive. Like VERY.

It's a LONG journey but I love to study humans. The behaviours. How do we react, why do we react like that. Depressions, social problem. It intrigues me, really. I think us, humans are fascinating creatures, always curious, on the run. I like to keep asking 'WHY?' and then get the answers out. I like to study how the brain works and what cause us to behave like that.

I'm just a REALLY curious person. The world just keeps surprising me.

Oh well. We plan but God always decides.
There's so much I can hope and wished for but the fate shall decide.

Take care, everyone! See ya next week :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in fairytales?

Do you remember watching those Disney movies where the Princesses are waiting and looking for their Princes Charming? Snow White, I believe is one of the oldest Disney Princess but I was never fond of her. I like Bell from Beauty & The Beast - my favourite Princess Disney movie.

Eventually we all grew out of those fairytale lands, didn't we? We were soon taught, educated and told that fairytale do not exist. You want something, go and chase after it. We can't be waiting for Prince Charming to come knocking on our doors and propose to us the very next minute. This world we currently living in do not hold the word 'fairytale' and often, we see older kids getting annoyed at their younger siblings whenever their imaginations go wild and having fun in their fairytale world.

Cinderella walked on broken glass, Sleeping Beauty let her whole life pass by, Belle fell in love with a beast, Pocahontas risked her life for a feast, Jasmine could have had anyone but she chose a poor man, and Ariel, she walked on land.”

But what if it's not about waiting for the stars to fall out from the sky? I know a lot of people who hate fairytale but deep within, I'm sure everyone wants their fairytale to happen. We all want that Prince Charming - in our own way. Okay, so he may not be a Prince Charming but he'll be the Prince to your very own.

We've been fooled, cheated, hurt, betrayed, lead on...but that's alright. We do not live in a fairytale land but we can make our fairytale land. Along that journey is anything but easy; with the belief, faith and hope - we can make it through, be the strongest. What's love without taking a risk on it? And if we don't, how are we going to open up and believe in love?

Many of us are afraid and either influence by what others say. Simple, don't. Don't let others tell you what or who you should date, why that person you like is not good enough for you, who should be the right one for you. Honestly, don't, you'll regret it. If it doesn't work out, it's alright. Take your time and search again. God had said that He made each and one of us with partners. It is up to us to search and find. Even God knows how to add adventure in it :)

So keep that heart open but strong. As long as it pumps, believe in fairytale. Believe in love. Believe in almost everything. My simple sentence for you is to just...take a leap in faith.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Less than A Hundred Days

HEY:) It's been long since I last blogged! Well, I'll be blogging on Fridays only. I really need to organize my time properly as well as use it properly. No facebooking for me (ohmygod), no twittering for me (whatthefuck) and no playing around anymore. But on Fridays, yes I shall! For a few hours. We all do need a little break, after all.

I want it to be all over quickly. I want SPM to be done with and SPM will be over for me in December only. Why does it seem so far away?? Yet I counted and I'm left with less than 100 days left 8O SHITTA. I forgot, it's mid-August already. How wonderful :|

But I'm so looking forward life after SPM! Hahaha, yeah, I've been talking a lot about SPM and my life after SPM lately but it's so close by and I can't help but to play all the things I want to do and am gonna do after SPM. It's so exciting and worrying!

There's PROM to go for right after SPM :D HOMG! Butttt when am I going to get the dress? I'm caught up in SPM from November to December and right after my SPM is over, few days later, it's Prom :/ I need a white dress, I need a pair of golden, gladiator heels. I need to SHOP. I need to do my hunting shopping. Window shopping! I just want to shop.

There's so many things going on my mind right now, so many things I want. And I just want to say this, 'Life is not about how many A's you score'. Obviously, getting good grades are important and nailing every single subject. But I hate it when people think that those who excel very well in academic are the 'good people' or 'they are going to be so great in life'.

I'm not saying my friends who are smart are not good people but seriously, life does not equal to academics. I rather be happy, knowing my life is happy than thinking my life is happy cause everyone says it is. I may not be the smartest girl you know but at least life is a bigger perception for me :)

P.S. I'm sorry that I haven't commented on each of your blog posts. I do read them! Really! But time is not being generous with me. I will, soon, promise.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I love this movie!

The fasting month has finally arrived. I'm so glad :) It gives me all the reasons to hit the bed the moment I reached home. Seriously. Although I have fasted fully since I was 11 or 12 years old but going to school, doing all the daily activities with an empty stomach and no water is SO TIRING.

I am tired now. I should be studying now. But it's Friday. I'm just so BLARGH.

Mum: What are you doing now?

Me: (ohhh crappp!) Uhh, what?

Mum: What are you doing?

Me: Blogging.

Mum: Since when you go online? Half an hour more, then off!

Well, SPM trial is on 20th September. Guess that doesn't leave me much time. I have to give myself some time, maybe next week I won't feel so tired anymore cause right now, whatever I'm doing, my stomach is yelling FOOD! On the same time, it made us realize we are lucky we have food to eat especially during breaking fast. Just make me want to stop hunger in this world.

So many things are going on at once. But SPM is my priority, still I'm really not good at focusing on one stuff only. It's impossible. I get restless and bored easily of the same thing. Most of the time, I like to be out of my comfort zone but of course, we all need our space at times.

Okayyy. So I learn that I can't just sit here and wait for something to happen in my head if I don't work on it. Everything has its challenges and in order for me to get through those challenges and get what I aim for - I need strategies. Yupyup, it is true. If not, how in the world will I ever get what I want?



But a little bit of sand dust and wishing stars
can definitely help me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

And We All Do Change


We took photos today for our class graduation pictures to put in the Annual Year End School book. Gosh! Time pass by so goddamn fast! I still can clearly remember the time I first stepped into secondary school. Uh huh, I was naive, blur and nerdy. LOL!

I have to admit. I'm quite afraid and definitely nervous about life after graduating from school - forever. But that's typical for everyone, righttt? And I'm also worried that things will change between friends & classmates once school is done for us and we're off to our own separate ways. Colleges, universities, different locations, overseas, working, etc.

I know, nothing stays the same. EVERYTHING changes after school life where we finally step into the world that we have been half barred from for 17 years. I like changes. I do like new things, new places, new people...but of course, some part of me still want to wrap around these lovely things that have been apart of me for so freaking long.

Friends? Oh, friends. I promise that no matter what happens, no matter how far apart we get or when we change - the PLAN is still on! Down the road, in 10 years time, the plan is on. I'm keeping that promise as we all have and I really, really hope we can do what we planned. Cause when we do, we can look back and say, 'Hey, we actually did what we promised 10 years ago when we were still in school - laughing about our crazy dreams :) .'

I got so many things on my 'have to do' list. And I mean, A LOT! I'm targeting to have them all ticked! YES, I'm aiming that. It's hard, I know, quite impossible but keep on hoping, right? GAH. I must study for my SPM trials nowwww.

I need to get off the laptop. I need to stop going online on weekdays. NEED TO STOP!

Oh, Lord, help me!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This sucks, honestly.

I'm walking on a thin thread.
The chance is thin, I feel doubtful.
But something ahead pushes me to keep on moving.
I'm scared to continue this thin line,
I'm scared that I'll fall off and there's no cushion to absorb the break.
Then, I'm still determined to go where I feel is right.

what if it turns out I'm chasing after a unicorn?
what if it turns out I'm just waiting for those stars to fall off the sky?
what if there's really NOTHING ahead there?
what if it is because I yearn so much of it,
that I began to imagine things that only my mind plays?

I'm left half blinded, lost in hope and logic.
Nobody said it was going to be black and white,
but nobody said that there'll be no answers.
I'm left in this confused mind, I don't know where to go now.
I feel like I'm replaying back the same scene over and over,
I feel like I'm hoping for something that will never happen.
Should I trust with my feelings?

But it's not easy to ignore it.
In fact, it's one of the reason after it, I'm happy.
But I feel like I'm the one who is making it up,
dreaming about it, wait for it and well,
hope for it.
I feel so PATHETIC <:(
I should be stronger, brush it aside -
but I can't.
I need to learn to get a better grip of myself,
cause it'll never look the same way as I do.
I need to stop these dreams,
cause I need to face reality.

But when I tell this to them,
they say,, 'You're scared to fall but most of all, you're scared of having the scar'.
Should I continue of hoping and waiting for something I feel that'll never happen?
But I can't be stranded here with a grey mind.
But then, it's impossible to let it go.
'Cause I think, it has made up a part of me.