Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Dumping

What would you do if you managed
to catch these people doing this?

Baby dumping are on the rise in Malaysia, seriously! Like flooding. Just last night, my friend was passing by at a place and she saw policemen surrounded something on a ground. It was BABY! Someone DUMPED a baby like he or she was just some trash. Even Barbie dolls are being treated better.

We were all so DISGUSTED and felt so ANGRY when we heard that. Who in the right mind would such a horrible, hideous act?

Mostly are these teens or college students, they have unprotected sex and when the girl finds out she's pregnant...BIG PROBLEM. Abortion is illegal in Malaysia unless it involves the safety of the mother and the unborn child. Some of them would go for abortions but some would just have their babies and...throw them away. Like WTH man.

Why can't they just put their babies at some shelters? Why throw them into rubbish cans? Why hang them in paper bags at the billboards? Why flush them down the toilets? That's murder! How can you kill your own baby! Kill your own child, for cryin' out loud. If a newborn baby could speak, that will be the death of you.

A lot of issues have been brought up in the media and the government to overcome this serious social problem. One of it is sex education. As usual, some say yes, some say no. Some say parents should be teaching, not in school; others say, parents don't even teach at home. Both sides have their points but when you weigh it properly, it's kinda obvious.

Yes to Sex Education.

Asian parents are very conservative about sex. They don't teach their kids about sex. My parents never taught be about sex, they avoid it at all cost. Same goes to all my friends. So where do we learn from? Simple, books and magazines. Mostly, books. Storybooks. To be honest, I didn't know what the fuck I was reading at first! LMAO.

My parents would be so surprised on what I know now, HAHA.

Parents don't teach, children get curious. They treat sex as a taboo subject. So when kids get older, they get wilder and keen to explore. When they have sex, all they think at that moment is fun and love. When the girl says 'I'm pregnant', either the boy leaves or kill the baby. So teach sex education in school!

Lastly, if you still really want to have sex - WEAR A CONDOM! Sheesh.

But please just stop with the baby dumping, please. Give them up for adoption. There are SO MANY childless couples out there who are willing to do or give anything to have children. Let somebody who is capable to look after your baby, give them a chance.

Babies are innocent. What wrong did they do to you? Nobody is wrong for being born into this world. Babies deserve to live.

Do the right thing, don't be a murderer.



Huda Merchant said...

OMG that's like so mean man ugh really disturbing.

Thousif Raza said...

i'm so with you on this... god... looking at that photo makes me sad.... hope anyne who reads this learns thier lesson... nice work qm... :)

take care and keep writing........