Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interview with a Psychologist

My friends and I were interviewed by a psychologist. No, we aren't troubled kids or anything. It's this career test we took up in school and our school counselor is a certified psychologist who interviewed us. It was cool but quite awkward at first.

There were 4 of us and he nailed our personalities on the dot without us saying or doing anything except for him, asking questions. Most of the time, we burst out laughing cause he managed to scrap out those little secrets that only 4 of us knew. Well, he didn't get the full story but he did sense that he got something.

I'm not gonna reveal any of my friends's interviews. I don't think it would be nice :)

So here's mine. Well, part of it of what I can recall.

P: "When were you born?"

Q: "25/5/1993"

P: "You're supposed to like travelling a lot. Do you?"

Q: "Yes, I like it a lot."

P: "What's your favourite colour?"

Q: "Green."

P: "Number 7...(he was using numerology :O)"

Q: "What?"

P: "You need to communicate with the entire world. You have the urge to connect with the whole universe. Number 7 people are all like that. Do you know what's 7 stands for?""

Q: "Nooo...." (We were all lost at first but soon, we got it)

P: "7 days a week, 7 rainbow colours, the 7 oceans. Do you understand what I mean now?"

He missed out the 7 wonders of the world!!

P: "You're a hot tempered person. Get angry easily."

Q: (HOMG) "Yes."

Not many people know that. He looked at me which I presume was studying me before making that statement.

P: "You're the type of person who can't stand being lectured or hearing lectures. You hate lectures. You can tip off quickly. You can't be bound by rules or boundaries. You need to get out or break every rule there is. And that's why you can't get along with conventional typed of people."

P: "You like being alone, don't you?"

Q: "Alone?"

P: "I'd say 70% alone, 30% with friends. Or issit 60%, 40%?"

It took my friend to explain to me why he said that since I told that I spend a lot of time with my friends.

My friend said, 'When you're with us, sometimes, you space you're here with us but you're not really here with us. It's like shutting yourself out from the world, being alone but still sitting with us.'

But I'm no EMO!

Lastly, after all the took nearly 3 to 4 hours! We were so tired and exhausted, mentally. Honestly, we were feeling like that. We didn't quite sure know why. My friends ended up with best careers choices for them like Mass Com, Business and Bakery.

I got Psychology. Wooo hoooo!

I love writing and all, and debating. But psychology had always interest me in a way like never before.

He told us to do a research about the careers he gave us, just to google about it and understand it. He told me I could study Psychology and specialized in Pediatrician for Children or Adolescents. But there are other specialization for Psychology too.

My results of searching and googling are these:

4 years of college
4 years of medic school
3 years of an internship and residency

and freaking expensive. Like VERY.

It's a LONG journey but I love to study humans. The behaviours. How do we react, why do we react like that. Depressions, social problem. It intrigues me, really. I think us, humans are fascinating creatures, always curious, on the run. I like to keep asking 'WHY?' and then get the answers out. I like to study how the brain works and what cause us to behave like that.

I'm just a REALLY curious person. The world just keeps surprising me.

Oh well. We plan but God always decides.
There's so much I can hope and wished for but the fate shall decide.

Take care, everyone! See ya next week :)


Gautam said...

I was in a stats class with lots of psychology doctoral students..I always used to run off from them lest they find out some of my deep hidden secret that even I am not aware of..he he!! :)

A. K. said...

In college i used to have psychology as an extra paper and it bores me to hell..

QM said...

@Gautam: I know, psychologist are trained to dig our secrets!

QM said...

@A.K.: Hahahahahaha! Whatt...psychology sounds really fun!