Friday, August 20, 2010

Less than A Hundred Days

HEY:) It's been long since I last blogged! Well, I'll be blogging on Fridays only. I really need to organize my time properly as well as use it properly. No facebooking for me (ohmygod), no twittering for me (whatthefuck) and no playing around anymore. But on Fridays, yes I shall! For a few hours. We all do need a little break, after all.

I want it to be all over quickly. I want SPM to be done with and SPM will be over for me in December only. Why does it seem so far away?? Yet I counted and I'm left with less than 100 days left 8O SHITTA. I forgot, it's mid-August already. How wonderful :|

But I'm so looking forward life after SPM! Hahaha, yeah, I've been talking a lot about SPM and my life after SPM lately but it's so close by and I can't help but to play all the things I want to do and am gonna do after SPM. It's so exciting and worrying!

There's PROM to go for right after SPM :D HOMG! Butttt when am I going to get the dress? I'm caught up in SPM from November to December and right after my SPM is over, few days later, it's Prom :/ I need a white dress, I need a pair of golden, gladiator heels. I need to SHOP. I need to do my hunting shopping. Window shopping! I just want to shop.

There's so many things going on my mind right now, so many things I want. And I just want to say this, 'Life is not about how many A's you score'. Obviously, getting good grades are important and nailing every single subject. But I hate it when people think that those who excel very well in academic are the 'good people' or 'they are going to be so great in life'.

I'm not saying my friends who are smart are not good people but seriously, life does not equal to academics. I rather be happy, knowing my life is happy than thinking my life is happy cause everyone says it is. I may not be the smartest girl you know but at least life is a bigger perception for me :)

P.S. I'm sorry that I haven't commented on each of your blog posts. I do read them! Really! But time is not being generous with me. I will, soon, promise.


Gautam said...

What's living a life sitting bottled up in rooms all day and night to get an A!! Go ahead, make it an experience and enjoy it to the fullest...but yeah..get an A too!! ;)

Disguise said...

i miss you :(
i shall email soon.

QM said...

@Gautam: HAHA, yes, that's true :) Lol, hopefully I can all A's!

@Disguise: I miss you too, D :'(