Monday, September 6, 2010

Dreams - Gone, Kept, Wasted

You know what's make us, humans so wasted?
Besides the fact we waste food, money and whatsoever.
Dreams are wasted, more than any of us could ever imagined.
Loss of hope, faith and trust - one dream after another, they all come crushing down.
We throw away those wasted, 'never became' dreams aside,
letting them pile up and rot in the attic.

But maybe, if we have worked harder to achieve them.
Maybe if we had set our priorities straight,
if we put effort in those dreams, we could've made them real.

Don't you think it's sad? Dreams are being wasted.
Because it's wasting yourself. There must be a reason why those were your dreams.
Because it makes you smile. It makes you happy.
Because that's all you really ever ask for.

The thing about us is that we dream only because we believe,
it can never happen.
Every night, we lie in our beds, everything passing through our minds;
we dream of those things we believe we could never have.
We sigh and smile in our sleeps because it felt real enough
but never good enough.

When we wake up and realized that it's all over,
we tell ourselves, 'I'll dream about it tonight.'
True enough, we're creating 2 dimensions of ourselves;
the world that we walk on and the place where we dream to live.

Dreams. Our most wasted trash.
But not everything works on a shooting star, right?


Gautam said...

It's all about self-belief..some have it to pursue their dreams while others just find the convenient way out and carry on with their monotonous routine all the time.

A. K. said...

Dreams! Well I had a wonderful dream on what i would do with my life.... unfortunately reality is so cruel...

QM said...

@Gautam: True but I think nearly all of us just put our dreams to sleep.

QM said...

@A.K.: Hahaha, I know! Reality is never nice to wake up to :(