Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am so sorry for being able to comment back or read your blogs lately. Life has been SO BUSY for me lately. Trial starts next Wednesday (OMFG) like 'shitta shit shoot'. Trial is harder than SPM, believe it or not. Seriously so that's why I'm like freaking out but not hoping too much for my grades this time.

But I want to get all A's & B's (I'm not smart) above! If I get all 10 A+ for my SPM, the government would give me a scholarship straight away :O

*Pffft* Like that's gonna happen to me. I'm not being negative and stuff but I know where I stand. I'm not stupid but I'm not smart either. It's true, academic wise. 10 A+ are like grades that the smartest of the smartest can get. I'm not excellent in Science and Maths...those that really crack your brain. Nope, not all.

I'm an Arts girl caught in Science stream. Just my luck.

But I just can't wait for all these to be over, you know. Trial, SPM & school. 4 more months...then school is over me. 4 MORE MONTHS. Oh God. And SPM is like in November, mid november :/ Somebody shoot me already. I want it to be over like NOW!

Time seems so fast and slow at the same time, this year. I can't quite put my hands to it but yeah, that's how it feels like now. I wouldn't say 2010 is my favourite year but it's one of the years I'll never ever forget :) I met a lot of new people this year and got to know some people whom I know but never close with - and it's so nice, really. I keep thinking about how will we all go from here.

Sure, I hope some things remain unchanged but the future is always changing. So just let it be, don't control it and don't hope too high.

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Gautam said...

I must have got 10 A+ in my entire life..he he!! :) Hope you have a wonderful time in the remaining months of the year :)