Sunday, October 24, 2010

Everything Has Its Ending

This is it.

Graduation Day is on 3rd November.


I can't believe it, I'm graduating soon. So fast.

Okay. Well, we are graduating earlier but we still have to sit for our SPM which falls on 23rd November :/ Graduations are held earlier almost at every single school here because our exams finish differently according to the subjects we take and we are taking our SPM during the long, national school holidays.

Still. OHMYGOD. Hahaha, I still can't believe it myself. Graduation. It's going to be held at Dewan Jalan Adang - where the heck is there? And we(girls) have to wear baju kurung and kasut bertumit tinggi tutup. Are you freaking kidding me? I don't mind baju kurung, let's all go baju kurun crazy fan girls on that day but CLOSED TOES HIGH HEELS? Pffft. Whatever. Like they're gonna check how pretty my toes are.

ONE MORE MONTH TO GO. Well, 29 days.

Lord, save me :"-(

There's so many things going on right now, besides studies. You know one of those few things that you, yourself only understand because it is you, yourself going through it? Yeah, I'm going through one of that. I wish it was just black & white, you know? Right now, I'm left without answers and I'm...confused.

Should I search for the answer? Wait for it? Maybe it would appear unexpectedly when I least expect for it? HOW. I hate this. I hate not knowing how to do, what to do; it makes me feel hopeless. And Hope is what I really need right now. But I'm doing my best, pushing that aside as much as I try to and focus what lies ahead: SPM.

Straight A's? Honestly, no. I'm not a pessimist but me getting straight A's would be a WTF situation. Guess I'm never or never was the academic scorer kid in school. Oh well, I'll find my 'Ace' field once I enter college :) Hopefully in writing - Journalism, Creative Writing...nothing's decided. Right now, I'm trying my best to score good grades for SPM but of course, I want lots of A's! (Oh God, pleaseeeeeeeee, I don't want anything below B-!!)

"When we look back in 20 years time, we'll still be laughing like we used to and still get all those inner jokes like it was just yesterday."

Some of us won't be seeing each other after this but I'm pretty sure, none of us will ever forget each other. I'm hoping to keep my good friends as tight as now and we can all grow old together :-)

That sounds like a plan. A good, long way plan I will(God willing) achieve.


Gautam said...

I am sure it must be a pretty exciting time for you right now..don't worry too much bout the grades and just gear up for some of the best times ahead..keep having fun! :)

Good luck! :)

Thousif Raza said...

i hope you achieve everything... and yah you are graduating awesome :P... have plenty of fun and leet us know it all :)

take care and keep writing..........

QM said...

@Gautum: Yeap yeap, true but mostly, stressed out :/ Exams is in 24 more days. The BIGGEST exam in any student's life...I hope I can do my best.


QM said...

@Thousif: Hahah, thanks :) I will, don't worry!