Saturday, November 6, 2010

A very Happy Deepavali/Diwali
to all who are celebrating!

I went to my friend's open house today and it was awesome! Food was amazing, Friends were amazing - I just love traditional celebrations, don't you? Next stop is Chinese New Year! Early next February, can't wait :B

17 days to go before SPM. Seriously, fuck man. No kidding. 10 subjects, more than 20 papers to sit; oh Lord, save me ;-( But at the same time, I can't wait for it to be done with! After 17 good long years, I can finally enter college and see part of the real world.

Sorry if I'm not replying your mails, I really don't have the time to re-read through it and type out my long and truthful reply. My blog posts are getting shorter and more random but that's because I really don't have the energy and time to think out what to write anymore - at this time. After SPM which ends on 15th December, I'll be on good tracks again :-) Promise.


5 Beta 2010 <3

Deepavali :-)

they are the best things that's even been mine


Huda Merchant said...

Lovely pictures :)
miss your posts :(

Thousif Raza said...

great pics love all of em... :) and good luck for the spm... have fun...

take care and keep writing.......

Gautam said...

Happy Diwali to you too..!! :) Glad you got to celebrate it..this is oe festival I miss so much when away from home :(
And 15th Dec is very near..all the best!

QM said...

Huda: I will be back with more - after SPM! I miss reading yours too :'(

Thousif: Thank you!!

Gautam: It was a fun celebration, though I don't celebrate it! Thank you!