Monday, December 13, 2010


The world is such a big place for us to live in. Too many possibilities, too many what-if's.

I wish I could just flashback and relive those moments I have long missed. Those times when everything seemed right, when laughter and long talks were the only things we do.

If time machine exists, I would turn back time and be a little girl again. Right now, I didn't know why back then, I wanted to grow up so fast. I thought being a woman would be fun. Now, looking at little kids, I wonder if they are thinking the way I did when I was their age.

Sharanya, Ina, Alliya, Divya and Sze Yan; school's over and we're going to different paths. I hope nothing between us change. Let's grow up together and no matter how far we may be, we have to meet up and be school girls all over again.

Sometimes I just pause and think "what happened?" Maybe we just outgrow sometimes, or need something new. But I guess there'll always be somethings in life that I'll never ever find out. Maybe some thing are better left unsaid.

Chocolate is the universal food. Amin.

Things change, people change. Cry for a day and get over it. The world won't stop spinning for you. So the best you can do is hope for the best to come and be strong.

"Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine."

"My dearest Cinderella, I'm the luckiest prince to be marrying you."

Don't frown, you never know might be falling for your smile.


Sharanya said...

Dont you ever worry bout me changing ... you better not change hotstuff ;)

lalloya said...


Huda Merchant said...

Changes *sigh*
Right now all I'm wishing is for time to go back to where everyone was an innocent.

QM said...

I love you guys too!

QM said...

Huda, I agree with you :( Time is passing so fast.