Saturday, December 25, 2010

Admit It


It sucks, doesn't it? When you care for someone and in the end, their reply is "I don't care." You care for some people because you care for them. You don't need to tell them that I care for you, they would know by the things you do. What's even horrible is that they won't tell you that they don't care for you, instead they simply shrug or chose to ignore. So, you give and you lose. You hurt and you bleed. You fall and you cry. You sit and you hope.

And you rot.

Look, if they don't care for you, what makes you think that they'll come and search for you in the dark? If you can care that much for people, you can care at least some for yourself. Stand up and walk again. Don't lose hope but be more wise. Learn and grow. The pain won't really go away, you would get over it but once in a while, you get flashbacks and your heart drops a little. But hey, that happens, right? At least, you know you DID truly care for those people.

Yes, it hurts to see when they care for other people and not you. It makes you feel unworthy and pathetic. You feel stupid when you think back of all the things you have done but nothing in the past will ever change. Put it this way: You FELT unworthy and pathetic. You FELT stupid when you think back of all things you HAD done. Now, you live your life, caring for the right people who in turn have been around you all along.

Don't stop caring, don't be afraid to care. You're hurt once but you'll live through it.

Merry Christmas, everyone! xoxo

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