Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Regret, Don't Stop

Dear Santa, all I want for Chrismtas is
to have a good & wonderful 2011.

I don't celebrate Christmas as big as I celebrate other festivals. Financially, I shop a lot...well, I WANT to shop a lot since Christmas sales are on right now at every big shopping malls. My heart bled when I couldn't buy that floral print dress from ZARA. Gosh, I can't wait to start working part time next month(even though I'm sure I'll hate working) but at least, I can earn my own money and shop.

I'm a shopaholic.

2010 is coming to an end. I still can't believe I have finished my school life already. Looking back at my old posts, back when I was still a school girl, brings tears of both joy and sadness. It's a mix up feeling. I'm not sure if I quite like it but I guess there is just some things are left in the grey area for us. But...I did it :) when I clearly thought I could die by going through it.

In each year that passes, we make more and more mistakes. Because as we grow, we learn new things and broaden our perspective of life. Right now, it's the time for my friends and I to make critical decisions in our lives.

The most frequently asked question: "What do you want to do?"

ARGH. I don't know! I mean, yes, of course I have some visions of me in the future. I love writing and books but that doesn't mean I will end up becoming a writer. I could end up being a professor in some university. This is life. There is so many possibilities. Honestly, I believe that no matter how much we planned or how long we planned, there will always be a little twist in everything. We just got to accept it.

People are afraid to make mistakes. They are afraid that what they decide now will affect them greatly later in life. I got those "are you sure you want to do that" remarks when I say I want to do Arts for A-levels. *SIGH*

Firstly, I am sure. If not, I won't be saying 'I want'.

Secondly, if everybody is taking Science, what's going to happen to the Arts? Just because it doesn't involve needles and chemicals, doesn't make it any less cooler or lame. Arts, Language, Literature are what keeps the world a happier, more peaceful and colourful place to live in.

Thirdly, do what you love. I'm doing what I love and THAT is right.

It may seem scary to choose but in the end, we all have to decide. It's better for you to decide for your ourselves than letting others to. Nobody knows what you want like you do. I believe this is the time for us to make mistakes. So what if what you decide now doesn't seem to be like what you had wanted? We can't always have things to our ways only, it just doesn't work like that. I think in a way, it teaches us to be patient and not to take things too seriously at times.

When we make mistakes, we learn from it without knowing. It hurts, it sucks but you have to go through it every phases of life. Okay. So maybe, it's never what you really wanted but you will end up in the right place that is meant for you, eventually. What take the highway when you can take those long, curvy roads? I rather take my life slowly with full of surprises than taking it fast, with everything planned out working the way it is...and not fully appreciating everything I see.

Life is an extraordinary book. It's book with no beginning and no endings. It just keeps on going and going. So, good grades and a good job is just a small part of life. We have to change our perspective of life, don't look at it as an academic, we have to make mistakes and just enjoy life.

Don't stop at a place for too long. Keep on moving with the world.


Huda Merchant said...

QM is back :D
I love this post.

QM said...

Thanks, Huda :)