Monday, January 3, 2011

Face Palm

Working is not fun. Well, working with kids. Taking care of little kids is a LOT to handle.
Never ever been so exhausted ;/ and my friend & I are assigned to care for eight 3 years olds. Oh Lord, save us!

but I guess we never stop learning, do we?

Life after SPM is great, no school and no rules but I feel something's missing. Maybe I'm not used to the idea that school is officially over for me. Maybe I miss school. I miss talking in class. School sucks (duhh) but there are those little things that make it better. What's missing? I don't know. I've got 2 months before my college starts. Hopefully I'll find what I need. Cause right now, I don't feel complete.

*I'll start to blog proper topics again*

1 comment:

Thousif Raza said...

will be waiting to hear abt ur new experience... have fun with the toddlers :)...

take care and keep writing..........