Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Just Us

The truth is we try so hard to please other people because we want them to look at us and say 'She's nice!' It may sound pathetic but honestly, look at yourself in the mirror, eye to eye - is there really not one time you did not try to do or say something, just so that the person would actually feel good and smile. We may do it unconsciously at times but most of the times, our eyes flickered as our tongues turn to do as most would say: for the best.

Read those last 3 words in 5 seconds, you'll say: "Oh please."

Read those last 3 words to someone, you'll say: "Oh no."

We are often caught between the borders of what we want and what they want. Most of the time, people would brush it off by saying, "I don't give a fuck." but when it comes down to the people we care and love for, are you really going to say that? That is when we bow down to please them, put on a mask and act like we're the happiest people on the planet. But don't you agree in a way, this a good pleasure? Though some would criticized by saying we must stand up for what we want - it is our right.

Of course, it is our right - we stand up for what we want but what we want isn't always what they want and what they want isn't always what we want. Because of this, I think that is why we always end up quarrelling with them, with both sides yelling: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME. Guess what? That's the answer. Nobody understands you, completely. There will always be that 1% of you people would never truly understand or find out.

And after all the aches and tears, as mad as we may be, we feel guilty too, don't we? So that's where all the 'pleasing' starts, to avoid such breaking aches again. We live for pleasure and in turn, pleasing. To me, it's a life cycle thing. Whether it's good or bad, it really has no stand. More bad? More good? That's entirely up to you.

It's just like lying. We do it all the time.


AQ said...

Nice post QM. And very true.

Huda Merchant said...

wow =S

dayana said...

I love this post, can totally relate. one of your best :-)

QM said...

Thanks, Aqil :)

Huda, hahah, I hope that means in a good wayyy.

Dayana, thank you! :)