Monday, January 17, 2011


Have you ever just look at someone and wish you can tell them what's on your mind, but in the end, the only thing that comes out is "what I think it's the best to say"? There are so many unspoken thoughts and unspoken words, held back deep in my mind and tongue. But I guess most of the time, we have to put other people's feelings first before ours - because....we feel that is the right thing to do. No?

Maybe that's the reason why our minds are only readable to ourselves; the reason why some things are better left unsaid. So when is the right time to tell them? Is there even a right time or do we have to make the time right for ourselves? Should we tell them the blunt thoughts on our minds or should we tell them what we think is the best? Most of the time, we go on with our lives without telling any of those thoughts & words because we feel it is better that way.

Maybe it is.

Maybe it isn't.

I think all of us would have dare to tell what's on our mind, our thoughts and those tongue tied words to them if it isn't the fear of the people won't feel the same way, don't agree...or end up feeling hurt, rejected. It is because they mean that much to us, we care that much for them that we do not want to risk our thoughts & words with them. We want them to be just like the way they are with us now: happy.

In the end, as time passes by, we always, always look back and think "I wish I have done something." But the fact that we are caught in reality, living the life with so many possibilities, so many feelings and unexpected events; we end up changing the way we think and feel as we grow up. So we create the scenes in our head of "what would happen if I have done it". It is kind of pathetic when you think of it but admit it, we all do it. Every time.

So the question is, should we tell these unspoken thoughts and those words we held back so much? The truth is, I don't even know. Which is right? Haha, honestly, there's basically 'nothing is right and nothing is wrong' in this. To me, it's torn between 'what we want' and 'what is the best'.

And the thing is, we always choose what we think is the best.

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