Friday, January 21, 2011

When Life Throws Me Lemons

Guess what?
I have been attending college for 3 days now (thank God for weekends!) and so far, it's pretty cool and nice.
People here are friendly and nice. My classmates are funny and enjoyable, which gives me hope that I can get used to this new life pretty soon.
First day of college was pretty suckish though but I finally made friends.
And I have works to do already, deadline - this coming Monday. @%$!*

As much as college life seems fun and people here are really nice, I honestly believe that none of these can ever top my school days when I wore uniforms and my high school friends. Sometimes when I sit in the class(college), I can't help but to really wish that my high school friends are my classmates again or the lecturer standing in front there would be one of my high school teacher. But I've learnt countless times that nothing ever stays the same, I'll just have to accept what is happening now and make the best of it.

In plain words, those who are still schooling, enjoy every moment in school, savour it. Because once school life is over, you'll do almost anything to relive it again.

I am hoping that something wonderful will happen this year. It has been a while since anything happened and I hope this time when it happens, it stays and I get to keep it. Experiences have taught me that I have to be patient and let things happen when least expected. There's no use to keep on chasing something because in the end, we let the best things passed right beside us.

I cheated on my FEARS ,
broke up with my DOUBTS ,
got engaged with FAITH ,
and now I'm marrying my Dreams.

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Thousif Raza said...

loved the poem... welll loads of good luck qm, sorry i haven't been around... :) take care an dk eep writing.... :)