Thursday, March 3, 2011

That's What I Said

Time: Honestly, I don't even know if I'm living in time anymore. 24 hours in a day seems too short for me. If I didn't have to eat, shit and sleep; probably, more hours could be saved. I'm complaining like I'm the only one suffering. Hahaha. But yeah, I wish there was 48 hours in a day. At least, I can have a good 10 hours sleep and still have more time.

Homework: Shit. There's homework?

Friends: I couldn't ask for more. Friends from high school, we're still laughing at our inner jokes and talk like no days had passed. Friends in college, they are seriously the best yet I could have asked. There isn't a day there goes by that I won't laugh because of them. Thank you!

???: Sometimes I get the feeling I'm wrongly misunderstood. I may appear childish and a laughing machine most of the time but that's just who I am. If you can't keep up, I'm sorry. I can't change the way I am because I'm contently happy with myself.

Food: It would be so good if one day, someone would just surprise me with a bag of Famous Amos No Nut Chocolate Chips and just say, "This is for you."

Hand-phone: So I have to wait until my 18th birthday to get a new phone (which is in May). It's not the waiting that is getting at me but my SPM results :/ When it's out by end of the month and I did badly......

Just to relived 2010 again. For a while.

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