Saturday, April 23, 2011

I think I got that 'FEVER'

I am not a Belieber. I do not hate him nor do I love him. I don't cry over him because he won't follow me on Twitter nor do I tear every picture of him to pieces. I am just not a Beliber lover or a hater.

But hell yeah, I went to his concert in Kuala Lumpur. I didn't think of going to his concert at all, mainly because I don't listen to his music and I'm not a fan of him. However, my sister wanted to go to his concert - badly. So my dad decided to buy the tickets and I had to follow her. I did not know what to expect at all.

We were there an hour earlier and the crowd was already screaming and shouting, "Bieber! Bieber! BIEBER!" I thought I would go mad because every time a part of the crowd screams, everyone would get up and stand on their chairs - and every time, it's a false alarm!

The DJ got everyone warmed up first by playing some hit party songs. The lights went out and everyone, literally - EVERYONE started jumping on the ground, on the chairs! With their hands in the air and singing to the chorus of every songs. The crowd's energy was magnifying and incredible! "I say 'Justin', you say 'Bieber'....Justin!" "BIEBEEEERRRRRR!!" For the record, I didn't join shouting his name because I really couldn't scream the way the girls around me screamed :|

After a 15 minutes countdown, JB appeared. Thecrowd went wild. WILD. Like WILD. I actually laughed because I thought it was rather funny at how the crowd reacted when JB appeared on stage. I clapped when he appeared (see, I'm not that bad).

Honestly speaking, his concert was amazing. It was incredible. I did not expect that he was capable of throwing and bringing such energy to a concert. I was shocked. I was, okay! He was good live, he could sing well - which I doubted before. So Justin, hats off for you as a performer and entertainer but I am still not in love you :P but I don't hate you.

OHH! Did I mention JOEL MADDEN made an appearance too?! He sang The Anthem and OHMYGOD, that part I SCREAMEEEDDDD! Good Charlotte is hereeee! Okay, one man only but heck! It's Joel Madden! And he appeared only at the JB's KL concert!I feel so blessed :") And man, Joel could sing so well. Love the voice and the tattoos (though they kinda scare me).

The crowd sang a long the nursery rhyme 'ABC' when a slide show of JB as a kid was being played and he was singing that. Talk about awkward moment.....I wonder if we were the first crowd to ever sing along to that! Hahahaha, it was so funny but everyone seemed to enjoy singing to it.

I had fun jumping and screaming along with the crowd. It was a true concert where nobody sat down and everyone stood up and sang along and screamed for more. Even some guys with their girlfriends did that. Though, some of them gave that look of 'what-the-hell-are-you-possesed' or something look. LOL.

At the end of the day, I am glad that I went to Justin Bieber's concert. He may not come again, I mean, who knows, right? I don't have his CD and I don't have his songs on my phone but if he throws a concert again in Malaysia, I am coming again. I will!

So, next concert is MAROON 5!!! HELL YEAH! Next Friday! :D I cannot wait!

Let's pray that it would be as good or better than Bieber's concert. Hehehe.

PS. I am a big fan of Maroon 5!

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