Friday, May 27, 2011

Stars For Every Candle

So, I've turned 18 :)

There wasn't any special celebration, no balloons or late night partying but - I had fun. A special thanks to all my friends who made it all better, for filling the day with endless laughter and sweetness. Friends - what would I do without them?

Anyway, I just thought of something I've heard quite some time back ( a really long time actually) and I thought it was a rather amusing yet logical statement.

Someone once said, "Why do people celebrate birthdays with such joyous? Don't they know they are step closer to death with each celebration?"

My first reaction literally was 'you gotta be kidding me right?' Okay, so maybe that person does have a point (wtf?) but to say such a pessimistic statement, it's just really shocking that there are people who think of birthdays that way. I wonder what their counter statement would be for a wedding.

I agree that there always 2 sides of everything; the bad and the good. Though at the end, one side always outweighs the other. It is also the way how we interpret things and from what view we're taking. For birthdays, to most of us and to me is the celebration of life. The celebration of 'I am thankful that I am still living. I love my life.'

It's pretty eerie that someone would say 'birthday is not a celebration. As each day passes, your death gets nearer. I don't understand why people celebrate birthdays'. I find it too extreme to go to a thought that far. If you can't even celebrate your own birthday, then what do you celebrate?

I believed those people either hate life or fear life. Fear of aging. Fear of death. Hate for happiness. Hate for celebrations. Pessimistic people, I would say and I really cannot stand pessimists - it's such a TURN OFF. As much as I can't stand them, I do pity them. In all they do, they will always doubt, will always worry and never be satisfied.

We don't know when, how or where we're going to die. So, honestly why bother worrying? When it comes, it comes because these things are meant to be. Worrying won't prevent it. Fearing won't stop it. Right now, at this moment, we are living. So take that chance, every second to celebrate it!

There's a reason to celebrate birthdays. Whether you're 7, 10, 18, 33, 52, 78, 90 yeard's all about celebrating life. The day that you were born, is there really no happiness about it?

So to those who think birthdays are 'wrong' to celebrate, what are you actually living for?

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