Monday, June 13, 2011


We are always craving for something and most of the time; we don't even what we crave for. Are we craving for the mouth watering dessert? Or we craving for the holes in our hearts to be filled?

‘Cause I believe that no matter how much wealth, how much fame, how much things that we have; we're constantly craving for more. I used to crave for the ice-cream man on his motorbike to pass my house when I was a young kid. Now, that ice-cream man no longer passes by - I wonder what happened to him. So, my craving changed. I craved from ice-creams to chocolates; from teddy bears to earrings; from Barney to lipsticks; from colouring books to writing a blog.

Cravings change as times change, as people change, as things change. Little did we actually realise how all of these things change. It could’ve been for the best but there’ll always be a part of me wanting relive that time of what I craved most.

So what do I crave for now? Currently in 2011, I crave for chocolates, vintages, my blackberry, pretty headbands, lasagna, beaches and pretty, floral designs. These are so different from what I craved back in 10 years ago.

Time. What it does to us.

I think I might be craving for an ice-cream now.

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