Friday, February 17, 2012

All You Need Is Faith and Trust....and A Little Bit of Pixie Dust!

The Perks of a Wallflower is such a GREAT book. "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite." Like some, before I read the book, I thought this quote quite was overrated but after reading the book, *hands down* to the greatest book quote I've read so far. So, thanks Jasmine for lending me to read! :)

Anyway, I read a rather interesting article in The Star today. This writer was talking about dreams and how many of us let our dreams die away along our journey in life. It's really good written and it made me thought how many of us had let our dreams died because we didn't chase after them hard enough.

Have you ever walked down the street and noticed some stranger and you wondered - who are they? Where are they heading to? Did they just cry? What are their dreams? To be honest, it's pretty surreal that the person right next to you could be on the brink of breaking down and you wouldn't have the slightest clue. When I look at my lecturers, sometimes I really wonder 'is this (teaching) their dream?' Not degrading the teaching profession at all but like I said, it could be the person next to you, in front of you, behind you -- and you would have not the slightest idea of their dreams, whether achieved or crushed.

But I really hope they achieved their dreams, whatever it may be.

Not long back, I nearly let my dream go. Looking back, I'm so glad I didn't. Really glad and thankful. I supposed I went through what most of us are doing: growing up. God, I hate growing up (most of the time). Suddenly, all that you've believe in for so long is being doubted; reality sets in, money and success become the issue.....It sucks so bad at times, especially when people have already set plans in your life.

So I'm not going to study the mainstream degree like medicine, law, accounting, engineering. I would probably never drive a Ferrari and live in a huge bungalow by the beach. In fact, maybe I'll be just the way I am now, typing and writing but fulfilling the dreams that I've always wanted. I want to write. I want to travel the world. I want to experience and discover new things. That being said, it's pretty shallow for people to stereotype and label what 'dreams' are really about.

I think dreams are the powerhouse within you that keeps a person living his life and just make life more interesting and meaningful. Dreams shouldn't be based on other people's perception nor should it be about what can you get in the future. Though I do agree that the world we live in is a pretty scary place but hey, you got to make sure your dream is bigger than your fear; it's how badly you want it.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference
. -
Robert Frost

Still one of my favourite poems. Simple but strong.

P.S. Reading Dorian Gray now!


Shufei said...

Dorian Gray, btw, is AMAZING. :)

YAY TO NON-MAINSTREAM DEGREES!!! *fistbump* :) So glad you didn't let journalism go!

QM said...

Can't wait to finish the book! Dorian Gray is so beautiful o_O

*fistbump back* I know right! So glad I didn't as well or else I'm going to pretty much regret it later in my life :)