Thursday, February 2, 2012

And So Far I've Learned and Discovered...

1. Happiness is a choice. You want to be happy, then be happy. Throw away things that don't make you happy.

2. Late night talks. Seriously the best way to let out everything you could possibly feel, especially to your best friends.

3. You can't tweet and study. Never.

4. Don't tell anyone everything you know, even the person you know best. I think it's good to keep just a little part to yourself, as long as it's not harming others.

5. I still can't stand vegetables.

6. Paulo Coelho is the best writer ever. The things that he write and the way his imaginations flow are beyond amazing.

7. Just because someone isn't there with you, doesn't mean that someone isn't there for you.

8. It's okay to look back at the past sometimes. It's okay to miss those certain things that you know are gone forever.

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